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Oscar Tee is unstoppable!

South African artist Oska Tee returns with ‘THE UNSTOPPABLE ALBUM’. This is Oska Tee’s fIfth studio album. It is a follow up to his previous albums: The Ultimate album 2005; The Unique album 2008 and The Utmost album 2010 and The Upstage album 2018. Oska Tee brings 12 new tracks through this new offering.

Oska Tee, born Batandwa Oscar Tyumre in Mthatha in the Eastern Cape, started singing at an early age at home, school and in church like most musicians. He has been in the music industry for almost 30 years and has worked alongside many big names in the music industry including one of Africa’s biggest music icons Brenda Fassie with whom he did over 100 shows within one year as a road-show manager in 1998 – 99. Oska Tee also worked alongside other big names like Patricia Majalisa, whom she managed for ten years, wrote four songs in her album Epatini in 2010 and featured her in his previous album the upstage in a song I heard them. He also still works with Majalisa band. Oska also managed By4 and did backing vocals for popular groups Splash, Dalom Kids, Nomuntu Kappa, Suthukazi Arosi and Mercy Pakela, to name but a few.

Due to the world music market becoming smaller and smaller because of technology, Oska Tee decided to produce an album that will accommodate a wider range of audiences globally. Though staying true to his African roots and to the South African bubblegum music sounds that inspired him in the late 80’s, Oska Tee added a lot of different influences that have also had a huge followership in South Africa in his teenage years. That includes: Rock’n roll, country, funk and reggae.

EMSINI is a house disco track, in which Oska Tee conveys a message that regardless of the many losses of their colleagues as artists, they as survivors will continue in the game in remembrance of their fallen loved ones. UBOMI is another hard-core dance tune and its message is that each of us in the world gets a turn to shine, it just happens in a different time for each of us. LENGOMA, inspired by Brenda & the big dudes 80’s hit Promises, is also a dance tune, against tribalism, xenophobia and racism. EBUSUKU, a modern Afro-soul love song, featuring a young dude Frans CEO is a beautiful mid-tempo groove, a love at first sight story. NDIYAKUTHANDA is a fusion of rock and disco. Oska Tee shares with a loved one how only love can fill the void inside a man and not fame. It is a great all age song. HAPPY MAN is a tribute song to Oska’s fallen colleague and friend. It is a fusion of disco reggae and Afro-pop with a country music touch. BOY AND A DREAM is a Caribbean reggae piece, telling a story of tough times growing up and how a blessing of a grandmother helped through it all. KONDELELANI is a hard-core disco track with its message dedicated to all the people of the world to persevere and that COVID-19 like other pandemics will fade and life will be back to normal if we adhere to regulations. This one’s music was inspired by an old Dalom kids hit God of mercy. YOU’LL BE MY FRIEND is another hard-core disco tune, the kind of sound made famous by Benjamin Ball, Chicco, Splash and its a love song, produced by Nikie Nikie. UYINTO YONKE is an Afro-pop ballad song where SA meets Uganda. It is a beautiful love song featuring Ugandan singer Kim K. GOOD OLD TIMES is a fusion of funk and disco. Crafted beautifully, the song remembers good old times spent with a close friend and times of great music. STAY WITH ME is an interlude of an R&B/soul love song previously done by Oska Tee and Zeppra Safari in the 90’s.

All the songs have been composed, written and arranged by Oska Tee himself and are produced by Oska Tee and various experienced producers from within Africa’s music industry, including his long term producer Harold Loftazz Khoza and others such as Nikie Tjale (SA), Kim Kainja (Uganda), Collen Thulare (SA) and Dj Noza (Zimbabwe). From the 12 tracks on the Unstoppable album each song is different and unique.

The album has been released by the O’Tee productions in December 2020. It is available on iTunes, amazon, google-play, deezer, symphy@Africa, MTN music, and selected shops & Cd stalls around the country and neighboring countries. Oska Tee productions also does direct postage to fans who still prefer hard copies.

Oska Tee continues to work as a manager for Abazi productions, an independent record label. Whennot on tours or rehearsals he’s in Abazi recording studio or office on a daily basis.

For bookings; orders & more information please call or whatsapp: +27 73 130 1620 / +27 65 808 0838.


FACEBOOK: Oska Tee Batandwa Tyumre and Oska Tee fan club



GOOGLE: Oska Tee



For Noluthando Nyandeni, Lambano Academy helps mark a new life!

For Noluthando Nyandeni , Lambano Academy helps mark a new life.

The holiday season is  finally here! A season known for goodwill and cheer. Happiness is shared amongst families and friends in gatherings to exchange gifts. 

 Festive spirit has been experienced at Lambano Academy .This after they are now pronounced fully registered entity.
“I’d like to thank the parents who were brave enough to believe in this vision. “The journey starts here. We will produce quality education . Our learners wont be pushed around like wheel barrows” She sighed.

Its believed the end of the year means Christmas and all the good things associated with it . For over 15 years , Gutzy Noluthando Nyandeni has been known as the force behind 100 percent pass rate in the westrand district . With her outstanding leadership qualities much credit should be directed accordingly.
 Speaking at the closing ball of her “new baby” Lambano Academy she said ” 2021 will be the first time Lambano gets a 100 percent pass. ” i am going to reclaim that achievement “. Said Nyandeni.

” We have tried to adapt to online methods of teaching but there would always be data issues so then we have decided to continue teaching our learners. ” One of our educators has been trained from England , so we have quality education. She added. 

The majority of the time there’s something fantastic on the other side. The school cater for the grade R to grade 12. They also conduct drama lesson runned by the celebrated Mpumi Mpama . “This will help learners to polish their skills and open doors in the entertainment industry”. 
in her conclusion she said “Not every child want to be a Doctor , some are meant to entertain “
“I urge parents not to underestimate Drama ” Said Nyandeni.

for more information please Contact Lambano Academy email: or call +2710 023 3113 or 083 308 7638

Miss radiant south africa’s finalist :Caring Zitha wants to raise funds to realise shelter in Oukasie

Hailing from the oldest township in the north west called Oukasie , a 21 year old Caring Zitha is ambitious , Caring and Oceanic.
“I’m all about making my journey in life a one to remember and not only by me but the lives I touch”. Said Zitha. 

Speaking to the publication she said “I’d like to see myself as a chameleon, because as much as I have to blend when needed I don’t change who I am(Blending with a tree doesn’t make the chameleon a tree).

“I believe in becoming the change I want to see. Modeling to me is about showing women from my community and the world at large that being a women is a superpower, it’s something no one can ever take from you. So I believe that my superpower is being able to blend without letting my environment change or define me”. She expressed. 

Speaking boldly about her dreams she said “I’m a dreamer but as soon as I walk up, I work on making them a reality. I was asked in Grade R what I wanted to be when I grow up and as much as being a doctor or teacher sounded right at 7 years I wanted to be a model.But if I was asked the same question 8 years ago I wanted to be a psychologist or take on any career to work and deal with people. My dream is to help people , I love working with people and modeling has given me that platform to be who I am and do what I love. Being on stage or being in a shelter or even just talking to someone is honestly a dream come true. Having someone smile because of something I did or said is what a I call a beautiful dream. I’m also a writer in the making so I dream to publish one day”. 

She also spoke about her greatest inspiration. ” my father is my inspiration because he is a person who believes in growth and equipping yourself with knowledge, to better your life and those around you. My dad never misses an opportunity to learn something new even from me. He has taught me that life is this beautiful journey worth taking and no matter who you are on this journey there times where you’ll need people so no man is an island. He is a person who would rather give his all to others, and that’s something I live by. I draw my inspiration and motivation from him. She added.

When asked about her plans beyond covid 19 she said ” Covid19 has taught me patience, to relax and let my hair blow in the wind. As much as its fun no one will walk my journey.  I want to step out of my comfort zone and make each dream I have a reality. I want to perform and record one of my poems, I want to have some published. Beyond Covid 19 I want to raise funds to open the first shelter in my community, I want to create a place of belonging. Winning Miss Radiant South Africa will allow me to get the funding for the shelter.

“I’ve always been a very shy and keep to myself type of person. I grew up having a very low self esteem,  low self confidence and I felt like I wasn’t beautiful or even good enough. I was told that I was too dark and too skinny  and in my mind I convinced myself that it was who I am. I overcame my shyness by smiling and I realized that I have a very unique dimple on my left.  When I smile I remind myself why I’m doing it, it reminds me that I’m worthy and I’m so beautiful. My dimple reminds me that I’m unique that’s special. Knowing my worth has really helped me understand that people dont determine who I am.

One item she can’t live without would be her cellphone. “It’s not really a necessity but it’s an item I always have with me. I keep my photos, documents and almost my life in it. Its the source of communication and I have apps which I use on daily basis like my Bible, social media apps, Microsoft word and so on. That makes my phone an item I can’t live without .

Miss Radiant South Africa is the first ground breaking Pageant which caters to all women.
“It makes us feel beautiful for being who we are, a women is the sparkle in her eyes, she is her curves and collar bones, she is her strength. This Pageant has allowed me to do everything I’ve ever dreamt of,  I want to achieve grown, as an individual I want to help open or fund a shelter home in my community. I want the young women in my community to see that women are strong, they are beautiful and they can achieve or do anything they want” said Zitha.

In her conclusion she said “When I submitted my application I was very nervous and still working on understanding my self worth. I submitted my application online then the wait started, they closed with 3000 applications I got even more nervous. But when I received an email with Congratulations I got excited and felt blessed , maybe a bit nervous too , it was like a step closer to the dream. As much as a certain load was lifted from my shoulders I carried another one and I started my journey of becoming the change I want to see. Even to this day I’m in the top 60 and still beyond excited like I’ve already won the title.

Mamsie Mashinini -Ndlalani:Revisit the mirror.

This book is about reaching to hurting people, highlighting the power of forgiveness. A true story of Mamsie Mashinini- Ndlalani’s transformation from a painful past to victory!

This is a must have! All the chapters gels well and the ones that speaks with volume to me would be : 1.1Pain of childhood sexual harassment

 1.2 Pain of double rape

1.3 Raising a rape child

 1.4 Surviving Kidnapping

 1.5 Surviving Gender Based Violence. 
This book struck me as a harven of healing process and it Opens Doors to the newness of life.

The gutzy author says she drew her strength from her heart attack. 
” in a way It opened my heart to the powerful Healing powers of God. With both my heart attacks doctors don’t know how I survived, but what I know are promises of God about Healing for us. ” 
“It makes me realize that life is too short, we need to use time given to us to fulfill our purpose in life not doing unnecessary things”. She said.
Her aspiration to write the book was through the rise of deaths of women in the hands of partners and rape that leaves survivors with a stigma that leads to suicide. “One young woman I was counseling wanted to castrate her own 4 year old son, because of rape. I saw the need to tell my story to give hope to these women. ” she added.
Sharing to the publication her Challenges she came across during her journey of writing. She said “I have experienced More pain as I revisited my painful past. I had to take a break , 2 years break started after 2 years then another 1 year’s break. There was also a lot of internal conflict. She sighed.

Tips on How she overcomed Challenges during her writing journey ?

1. Prayed a lot

2. Forgave myself and assured myself that I was not responsible for what happened to me

 3. Forgave all my perpetrators .

4. Started the process of healing. Faith played a major role to finally let go. 

When asked about the response from the public she said “Response is positive and there’s high demand and invitations to speak about GBV have started coming in, for example this Sunday (22.11.2020) I was a guest at Ekfm 103.6. I was emotionally paralyzed by the Listeners responses and getting a chance of telling their stories in quest for healing. On the 12th December I will be on an online tv station hosting me for their 16 days of non violence against Women and children”.

The response makes me feel like a doormat where all hurting people can come and wipe their shoes of the pains. All people because there’s a young man who told me crying that his baby mama raped him at varsity nobody believes him.” Said Mashinini-Ndlalani. 
In her conclusion she said ” i feel free and content that finally not only have I healed but others too will find their freedom”.

Vini is boasting “Ama black card” featuring Koffee on the Charts!

Speaking to the publication , a Spontaneous , willing and free spirited Vini is boasting ” Ama black card ” on the music charts. Born & bred in Alexandra township around his father’s influence, Condry Ziqhubu .Vini realised his debut album in 2018.

“It was all a dream” followed by a new single in 2019 “ Candyland” & music video available on YouTube.  One of his 1st music video reached 4k views . In 2020 he released two new singles “Ama Black Card” & “Un’gowami” . Ama Black Card which debuted no 25 on the charts and made it to top 10 of BCR’s hits #SaturdayPlaylisting.

Vini’s music is versatile and it fuses  elements-of pop/techno with Afro pop.
“My dream is to be heard & i believe that my dreams have been realised when i hear or see my songs on radio and tv”. Said Viny.
“Im inspired by new sounds artist that think outside of the box and create new genres of music”. He added.
“I’d like to continue doing what i love which is why am creating music & seeing people embrace my creation & being able to perform my music without boundaries”. He expressed.

Sharing his challenges and why he is still standing he said “My Challenges was of self doubt . I am inspired by people who keep encouraging my dream which helped me to overcome those fears.” Said Viny.

One item he cant live without he said ” my IPhone , its my creative tool in terms of creating my own artwork, my website pictures & drafting music ideas using garage band app.”  He sighed.
In  conclusion he said “Shout out to my co creator on this project Crxash. O & Lesedi, Koffee.Nkunzi & Kgotso for the vision” .  He concluded.

2Rreal’s “ToffoLux” translate to how special women are!

His much anticipated single entitled “ToffoLux ” has been making few rounds on BCR ‘s top 10 hits and is now sitting at no 10 of #ThursdayPlaylisting.

2Rreal SA

This hit is dedicated to “every women” which translate to how special women are. He sighed.

Toffolux is An afrobeat fused with R&B vocals featuring K MVSH .

Born Nhlonipho Laurel Malunga from kwazulu natal near a small town called Klaarwater , he is a singer and a songwriter. 

Known to his peers and fans as 2Rreal , he is a visionary – Focused and Fun!
Speaking to the publication he said “My love for music started in 2009 when I just arrived in high school (Ganges Secondary) I discovered my innate ability and fell in love at first sight”. He said.

When asked what makes him stand out from the other artists he said.
“I’m very versatile and able to mix genres to for a new sensational sound with my western zuluguy accent ” he added. 
He also shared his dreams and  how he realised them. “I’m grateful to have such talent and I thank the Lord for making it possible for my first Ep titled Ngeke Balunge to put me on tv platforms such as  The Morning Show – Galaxy Tv & Sunrise ) and I heard it on some radio station such as Umhlobo Wenene FM and uKhozi FM just to name a few” Said 2Rreal SA. 
Its understood he has drawn his inspiration from Nasty C.
” I believe seeing Nasty C making it big out there featuring international artists makes me see  possibilities as a young artist” said 2Rreal SA.
Beyond the pandemic he said that he want to see himself releasing more Good music and being on international stage.He also spoke about his challenges and how he overcame .”My greatest challenge was Not having studio equipment to draft my ideas. As a content creator you need to have the basic equipment you want” He expressed. 
In His conclusion he said “Shutout to Stoner Beats – DRC & K MVSH for their unfailing support”.

Instagram: @2realsa Facebook@ 2REAL SA

Ndivhuwo Matodzi Co-hosts BCR’s Prime show “Wuz popping Mzantsi?

Time is like money: you can either spend, waste, or invest. At the tender age of 13 she already knew that she can read , write and speak English and IsiVenda proficiently.

Born and bred in Westrand Kagiso , Ndivhuwo Dianarose Matodzi’s origin is in venda Vuwani.
She is Special , unique and a lover of everything entertaining. According to her the journey started during playing as a girl child.

” I used to play sounds on radio and present or even read news but then the fantasy became a reality in 2017. I have joined Mogale fm as a news anchor and years later i joined Black Community radio as their news anchor and also Co-host Wuz popping Mzantsi which aires every saturdays at lunch.
“The journey has been absolutely amazing,  I have discovered a new special talent i didn’t think i had , i got to know and understand myself even better”. Said Matodzi.

 In her own unique way of doing things she said  “When i am doing my thing i become  myself,  i do not sound like anyone but myself, thats what makes me different ,i believe its a calling “. She giggles.

“My dream was to be on radio so bad,so i met a friend in 2017 who introduced me to my current boss lady(Eshdey Diphae who was then head of news at mogalefm). She gave me a chance and I started doing news in Venda language. I worked there for some time and now i am a grown women and i am doing so well ,i am living my dream”. She expressed. 

Her greatest influence in news is Makhadzi Mpilo from phalaphala fm.
” she’s a venda news reader , i use to listen to her daily so she inpired me to be this best and amazing person”.
Speaking to the publication about her flaws in her career she said” have once encountered a challenge when i was given the opportunity to produce a show back in 2017 and it was my first time and i manage. At that time i had to do news from 9h00am to 12h00 midday then producer for an afternoon show,  then co-host a show at night from 21h00 till midnight…i  was able to multi-task  but i still did a great job”. 
“i am happy with who I  am for now,  maybe in few years there will be some changes” she added.

In her conclusion she shared reactions from her peer and fans . ” i have an amazing support from my friends and family and they are always happy when they hear me doing news more especially on radio , so yah i am blessed hey to have them in my life. 

“The people’s favourite ” launches his Master Events company in Mahikeng!

It’s that time of the year where there’s festive spirit across the country. Events organisers have plans set irrespective of restrictions. 
It has been 5 consecutive months of drought for the creative industry and now is the perfect time to put an injection to the economy.
Paul Tsomele known as “the people’s favourite” is at it again. This time around at Matile Wa Nogeng in Mahikeng North West.
” I”m launching my event company (Master Events) which I’m starting off the ground at Sikalikhekhe Tarven, also known as “ko ga Tsala” on the 19th & 20th December. “On Saturday will be street bash and Sunday will be a session with some good Sunday tunes, dress code or theme will be “Dress To Impress”. He expressed.

Tsomele was born in Roodepoort Helderkruin  westrand (22 Feb 1992) and he grew up in Mahikeng North West.
“I am an individual who does not believe in good but I’d rather strive to reach the climax of perfection in all my doings” said Tsomela.

Started his radio journey at Mogale Fm as a guest presenter for the Rooibos-Crew Co-hosted by Moss Magwatane &  the late Ineeleng Molokwane. He is currently on Bcr’s News at lunch which is aired weekdays on the fastest growing radio station in the world. Apart from his radio potential he is a poet , writer & an MC. “I am me,I don’t copy & I don’t wish to be anyone,I love being me & my life is special in a different way” said Tsomela.

“What makes me stand out is that I am always at the top of my game. I learn from my mistakes & take any criticism as a learning curve and opportunity to improve where I lack . I am The People’s Favourite,I don’t  fit in ,I stand out” he added.

Living his childhood’s dream of becoming a radio personality he said ” The journey start here , now that im on radio , I wanna have my own local radio station & give those that wanna get into radio a chance to shine”.

His greatest inspiration would be LTK from Motsweding Fm.”A very humble soul with a voice & energy for Radio.I used to listen to him while he was still in Mahikeng Fm . He loves radio,he does not copy,he has his own style of doing things & that’s where I learnt that radio needs authenticity , , be yourself” he expressed. 
With regard to challenges in his radio journey he said “Negative criticism has always been an issue when I started realising that I was born to be a radio personality. Some people discouraged me, making it impossible for me to really believe if I can be there and rock the air-waves with my melodic, charming voice , but then I turned those criticisms into an ignition and a key to keep me going” He giggles.
In conclusion  he said “I am happy with who I am, I love everything about me, there’s nothing I wanna change” 

Charmaine says “a lil kindness goes a long way”.

It takes the tallest gorgeous lady with brains and poise to walk a mile with us . Speaking to the publication Charmaine Chingono , a 24 years old from Soweto is a Accounting Graduate from the University of Johannesburg.

Model under Rage Models , a Pageant Queen and currently a 2nd Runner up for the face of BEA’s 2020 and Miss Township South Africa 2020 Top 20 Finalist.
 Chingono is a firm believer that a little kindness goes a long way. She is motivational speaker and a helper.”If you need help and I have the means to help, I will definitely help you.  I believe in love and spreading love, the world needs it and could never get enough.” She expressed.

Her biggest concern is children. “We say children are the future but what are we doing in order to prepare them for that future? She sighed.
“I stand for equal opportunity, I stand for Love, Kindness and Growth. Just as Ronald Reagan said: On quote “There is no limit to growth because there are no limits of human intelligence, imagination and wonder.”
On the fun note, “I love to dance, I love Netball and music is my pick me up when Im down.” Said Chingono.
On quote “As Albert Einstein said:” The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in  what he is capable of receiving.”
Off quote “I would say what I have to offer and what I stand for in life makes me different from the rest of the BEA nominees,and definitely my height. I believe I’m the tallest.” She giggled. 

Her greatest influence would be Dr Maya Angelou . Despite the difficulties and injustice she faced, she never gave up. She continued to advocate for women and civil rights. She motivated, she inspired, she is an Icon. There is definitely a lot to learn from her, what she stood for and her work. She expressed.
“I see myself rising to the occasion, becoming better and better everyday. Learning new things, spreading love, kindness and compassion. I see myself facing every challenge headstrong with no fear because we were not given the spirit of fear but of power, and of love, and of a soulmate”
“I have come across the challenges that includes but not limited to fear of the unknown, fear of what people will say and comparing myself. But I have accepted that we do not always have everything in control and people will always have something to say whether you do good or bad. I’ve learnt to lean more on the positive side of things and take life as it comes” . She said.

One item she cannot live without?? She said “That would be my Faith, Faith in God. Because to lose faith is to lose hope and when hope is lost, all is lost.” She expressed. 

I’m very happy with the person I have become. Yes, there will always be room for improvement and learning. But right here, right now, I am happy. She said.
 Her reaction about nomination and the outcomed she said “I was ecstatic when I found out that I was nominated for the Best Face of BEA, it meant that someone was watching my work. And they thought I’d be fit to be the face of their Brand. I was very happy.How do I feel about being a runner up?  Well who doesn’t like winning,I was looking forward to that trophy but im content with being a runner up.It simply means it wasn’t my turn to win yet. Hopefully next year I will be nominated again . She concluded.

AppleGreen is a “life changer” Period!

It takes one to know one! Tsholofelo Gift Applegreen, a 19 years old peagant model from Doornkop Snakepark Soweto is an absolute life changer.
Founder of a developing company named after himself “Rock Apple Fashions”, a director of Sisterhood Foundation and a marketing manager at Skhulanolwazi Productions.

He is currently assigned to organise Miss Freedom Park.”I train pageantry models, I have judged five pageants, I’m a Face of Devotion Mzansi 2020 Finalist and I will be competing on the 12 December 2020.” He said.

Amongst all other things and busy schedule he is a 1st runner up for face of BEA’s and What makes him stand out from all the rest of BEA nominees is the Zeal to inspire, encourage and motivate young people.
His dream is to be a successful entrepreneur, a motivational speaker and a creator of successful projects.
” I’m currently working on projects that will be a success.” He sighed.
Known by his peers as a person who allow God to lead him, never allows the difficulties of life to make him lose hope and purpose in life. 
“I wanna see my success as i impact people positively , I have a strong believe that “Each Success Is An Opportunity To Help Others”.” He added.

Regardless of what life hands him, his faith kept him going.
“I kept asking God to give me strength and lead me to overcome the challenges that I come across , i believe am on the right path in life and career.”
One item he cant live without he said “My electronic device is the item that I cannot live without because I always  use it for networking.”
“I’m so happy with who I am because what I have realised is that I’m definitely doing what God always wanted me to do which is being A” Life Changer “and impact someone’s life positively.” He expressed. 
In his reaction for nomination and the outcomes  he said “When I find out about my nomination I felt happy and honoured to be nominated. Now because I’m a 1st runner up I feel happy, honoured and proud of myself. All thanks to God and his children , my supporters for voting for me, Thank you.” He concluded.