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Each year, on 1 December, the world commemorates World AIDS Day. People around the world unite to show support for people living with HIV and to remember those who have died from AIDS-related illnesses.

Each World AIDS Day focuses on a specific theme, which this year will be Global solidarity, shared responsibility. This year’s theme joins a growing list of challenges that World AIDS Day has alerted people to globally.

Founded in 1988, World AIDS Day was the first ever international day for global health. Every year, United Nations agencies, governments and civil society join together to campaign around specific themes related to HIV.

  • Awareness-raising activities take place around the globe.
  • Many people wear a red ribbon, the universal symbol of awareness of, support for and solidarity with people living with HIV. 
  • People living with HIV make their voice heard on issues important in their lives.
  • Groups of people living with HIV and other civil society organizations involved in the AIDS response mobilize in support of the communities they serve and to raise funds.
  • Events highlight the current state of the epidemic.

World AIDS Day remains as relevant today as it’s always been, reminding people and governments that HIV has not gone away. There is still a critical need for increased funding for the AIDS response, to increase awareness of the impact of HIV on people’s lives, to end stigma and discrimination and to improve the quality of life of people living with HIV.


2020    Global solidarity, shared responsibility

2019    Communities make the difference

2018    Know your status

2017    My health, my right

2016    Hands up for HIV prevention

2015    On the Fast-Track to end AIDS

2014    Close the gap

2013    Zero discrimination

2012    Together we will end AIDS

2011    Getting to zero

2010    Universal access and human rights

2009    Universal access and human rights

2008    Stop AIDS. Keep the promise—lead, empower, deliver

2007    Stop AIDS. Keep the promise—leadership

2006    Stop AIDS. Keep the promise—accountability

2005    Stop AIDS. Keep the promise

2004    Women, girls, HIV and AIDS

2003    Stigma and discrimination

2002    Stigma and discrimination

2001    I care, do you?

2000    AIDS: men make a difference

1999    Listen, learn, live! World AIDS campaign with children and young people

1998    Force for change—world AIDS campaign with young people

1997    Children living in a world of AIDS

1996    One world, one hope

1995    Shared rights, shared responsibilities

1994    AIDS and the family

1993    Time to act

1992    AIDS—a community commitment

1991    Sharing the challenge

1990    Women and AIDS

1989    Our lives, our world—let’s take care of each other

1988    A world united against AIDSREAD MOREWORLD AIDS DAY CAMPAIGNS

2020 / Global solidarity, shared…

2019 / Communities make the…

2018 / Know your status

2017 / My health, my right

2016 / Hands up for HIV prevention

2015 / On the Fast-Track to end AIDS

2014 / Close the gap

2013 / Zero discrimination

2012 / Together we will end AIDS

2011 / Getting to zero

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Mzwakhe advocates for inclusion and a diverse society!

Its understood that many parents find it difficult to engage in conversations to discuss sexuality with their teenagers , however its imperative to try if they want their children to develop healthy self-esteem , embrace their own differences and accept what is different in others.

Speaking to the publication , Mzwakhe Bolotina spoke proudly to say “I am Gay and I advocate for inclusion and a diverse society! My dream is to be a Member of Parliament” said Bolotina.

Aspired by the likes of Thami Kotlolo and Nomzamo Mbatha  , a 17 year old founded Boitumelo Naligugulethu , a foundation which is believed to have dealt with every aspects of Orphans , Queer bodies and abused individuals. 

Based in Soweto Mofolo as well as westrand  Krugersdorp , this started as two and now they are one (Boitumelo food parcel Foundation) and (Naligugulethu key Foundation). 

Sharing about his challenges in his community he said “My community have welcomed queer bodies as I am not the only queer..however we still have a lot of work to do in educating heterosexuals about homosexuality. “When I am at school, church or any public space there will always be that one person who would be homophobic, who will try and bring your confidence down but I choose to walk away from such” he expressed.

In his conclusion he said “My advice to parents who have a queer identifying child is to just be supportive and not be our first bully” he concluded.   

It is time for those who have a platform to change the narratives and make it a point that there’s  inclusion of all genders,sexual orientation and all races in government offices and public spaces. 

For more information , visit, like the page on Facebook (/pflag), or follow on Twitter (@pflag) or Instagram.

SA’s Carli J. Myers is back with her new pop hit – “Just Doing Me”

Singer and songwriter Carli J Myers is back with another banger. This after keeping South African fans hooked on every word of hits like her previous hit, ‘Just Saying’ with Mathew Gold and ‘Crazy’. 

Her latest single is titled ‘Just Doing Me’ – and it is the anthem we all need after a year like 2020.

Catchy and perfect to dance along to in front of the mirror or out on the town, this song is filled to the brim with philosophies of self-efficacy and independence. As a qualified and practicing Industrial Psychologist, Carli has written lyrics for it which are also in line with concepts like mindfulness. 

She explains the meaning behind the song: “It’s about catching the adventures of life and falling into those colourful moments which only really come around once.” 

Carli has spent a significant amount of time in the USA and Canada, working alongside producers who have worked with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Fallout Boy, to name a few. The result? The South African radio-waves love her upbeat and effervescent sound.

Carli has released hit after hit with four of her singles reaching #1 on the airwaves, starting early with her debut single ‘Clutch’. Her latest three releases have all relentlessly topped the charts, too – with ‘Just Saying’, written in collaboration with Robbie Rosen of American Idols fame, remaining at the top spot for consecutive weeks.

Her music has had over 6 000 spins across 30 South African radio stations, reaching an audience of over 400 million. Digitally, Carli’s songs have been streamed over 100 000 times across Spotify, Apple Music and Shazam.

‘Just Doing Me’ was written while Carli was in Toronto for the annual ‘Canadian Music Week’ conference, where she represented South Africa and worked with a number of exceptional musicians and songwriters – including Maia Davies and Bobby Morales. 

“I was so taken by how music brings different people and cultures together,” says Carli. “I found my attention split between my hometown of Joburg and the inspiration right in front of me there – and that’s how we wrote ‘Just Doing Me’. It captures each emotion I felt and every moment I experienced, how you can be excited about life while still being grounded in your own reality.”

‘Just Doing Me’ is available on all major digital music platforms.

Listen to “Just Doing Me” here –

Follow Carli J Myers on:

Instagram – @carlijmyers 

Facebook – @CarliJM

Twitter – @CarliJMyers 

YouTube – Carli J. Myers

Tiktok – @carlijmyers

About the Global 16 Days Campaign

The Global 16 Days Campaign, launched by the Center for Women’s Global Leadership (CWGL) at its first Women’s Global Leadership Institute in 1991, has been used worldwide to call for the elimination of gender-based violence (GBV). It is run annually from November 25 (International Day Against Violence Against Women) to December 10 (International Human Rights Day). In 2018, a multi-year theme focusing on ending GBV and harassment in the world of work was announced by CWGL to coincide with the adoption of a historic new ILO Convention with the same focus.


The Global 16 Days Campaign works toward the elimination of GBV by drawing attention to the persistence of GBV worldwide and the binding legal obligation of states to end it. It aims to increase awareness of GBV, ensure prevention, and demand accountability for ending gender-based violence and discrimination in all spheres. The campaign is underpinned by feminist values, human rights principles and the belief that a world without violence is possible.


Over 6000+ organizations in more than 185 countries have participated in the Global 16 Days Campaign since 1991, with over a reach of 300 million. It has been used effectively by a variety of actors working to advance women’s human rights and social justice including, grassroots women’s organizations, non-governmental organizations (national, regional and international), UN agencies and governments, to raise awareness, mobilize constituents, demand accountability and showcase progress on eliminating GBV.


The Global 16 Days Campaign links local and global activism to amplify feminist voices and secure accountability for women’s human rights by bridging movements. In 2018, CWGL launched a new digital platform,, to strengthen the activism of campaigners worldwide.

Omama Besxaxa’s “what shall we do” , a song of hope and legacy!

Omama Besxaxa foundation was formed by the senior citizens and musicians. This group and individuals derived from Izintombi Zesimanjemanje , Zamambo , Othulubheke to name a few.

It’s believed this legends saw an opportunity in december 2018 after meeting a former women’s league Bathabile Dlamini. According to the report , she gave them ideas to involve young people so they can leave a legacy .

She gave a tasks to Zamambo band leader who felt is was wise to use Zamambo and also add members of the foundation and other artists besides Omama Besxaxa.

She invited Ntokozo Zungu from Istimela , Jane Dlamini ( izintombizesimanjemanje) ,Zodwa Mashinini (Zamambo band) Tonique Phala( Lucky Dube band), Nazania Negengele Radebe (Istimela) .

The song entitled ‘what sahall we do? was created and presented to mama Bathabile Dlamini. She then approved and came with another idea of involving young stars from different genres. The likes of malungelo “Drencko” Masango, Nhlonipho 2Rreal SA Malunga, Keaoleboga” Ouji Champs Sebalo, Jacob “King Jay” Mtshweni and Sinenhlanhla “Sargee” Sithole. The final production was Mixed and mastered by Moses “black mose” Ngwenya  from Soul Brothers fame at soul brothers studios.

Miss radiant south africa’s finalist :Caring Zitha wants to raise funds to realise shelter in Oukasie

Hailing from the oldest township in the north west called Oukasie , a 21 year old Caring Zitha is ambitious , Caring and Oceanic.
“I’m all about making my journey in life a one to remember and not only by me but the lives I touch”. Said Zitha. 

Speaking to the publication she said “I’d like to see myself as a chameleon, because as much as I have to blend when needed I don’t change who I am(Blending with a tree doesn’t make the chameleon a tree).

“I believe in becoming the change I want to see. Modeling to me is about showing women from my community and the world at large that being a women is a superpower, it’s something no one can ever take from you. So I believe that my superpower is being able to blend without letting my environment change or define me”. She expressed. 

Speaking boldly about her dreams she said “I’m a dreamer but as soon as I walk up, I work on making them a reality. I was asked in Grade R what I wanted to be when I grow up and as much as being a doctor or teacher sounded right at 7 years I wanted to be a model.But if I was asked the same question 8 years ago I wanted to be a psychologist or take on any career to work and deal with people. My dream is to help people , I love working with people and modeling has given me that platform to be who I am and do what I love. Being on stage or being in a shelter or even just talking to someone is honestly a dream come true. Having someone smile because of something I did or said is what a I call a beautiful dream. I’m also a writer in the making so I dream to publish one day”. 

She also spoke about her greatest inspiration. ” my father is my inspiration because he is a person who believes in growth and equipping yourself with knowledge, to better your life and those around you. My dad never misses an opportunity to learn something new even from me. He has taught me that life is this beautiful journey worth taking and no matter who you are on this journey there times where you’ll need people so no man is an island. He is a person who would rather give his all to others, and that’s something I live by. I draw my inspiration and motivation from him. She added.

When asked about her plans beyond covid 19 she said ” Covid19 has taught me patience, to relax and let my hair blow in the wind. As much as its fun no one will walk my journey.  I want to step out of my comfort zone and make each dream I have a reality. I want to perform and record one of my poems, I want to have some published. Beyond Covid 19 I want to raise funds to open the first shelter in my community, I want to create a place of belonging. Winning Miss Radiant South Africa will allow me to get the funding for the shelter.

“I’ve always been a very shy and keep to myself type of person. I grew up having a very low self esteem,  low self confidence and I felt like I wasn’t beautiful or even good enough. I was told that I was too dark and too skinny  and in my mind I convinced myself that it was who I am. I overcame my shyness by smiling and I realized that I have a very unique dimple on my left.  When I smile I remind myself why I’m doing it, it reminds me that I’m worthy and I’m so beautiful. My dimple reminds me that I’m unique that’s special. Knowing my worth has really helped me understand that people dont determine who I am.

One item she can’t live without would be her cellphone. “It’s not really a necessity but it’s an item I always have with me. I keep my photos, documents and almost my life in it. Its the source of communication and I have apps which I use on daily basis like my Bible, social media apps, Microsoft word and so on. That makes my phone an item I can’t live without .

Miss Radiant South Africa is the first ground breaking Pageant which caters to all women.
“It makes us feel beautiful for being who we are, a women is the sparkle in her eyes, she is her curves and collar bones, she is her strength. This Pageant has allowed me to do everything I’ve ever dreamt of,  I want to achieve grown, as an individual I want to help open or fund a shelter home in my community. I want the young women in my community to see that women are strong, they are beautiful and they can achieve or do anything they want” said Zitha.

In her conclusion she said “When I submitted my application I was very nervous and still working on understanding my self worth. I submitted my application online then the wait started, they closed with 3000 applications I got even more nervous. But when I received an email with Congratulations I got excited and felt blessed , maybe a bit nervous too , it was like a step closer to the dream. As much as a certain load was lifted from my shoulders I carried another one and I started my journey of becoming the change I want to see. Even to this day I’m in the top 60 and still beyond excited like I’ve already won the title.

Mamsie Mashinini -Ndlalani:Revisit the mirror.

This book is about reaching to hurting people, highlighting the power of forgiveness. A true story of Mamsie Mashinini- Ndlalani’s transformation from a painful past to victory!

This is a must have! All the chapters gels well and the ones that speaks with volume to me would be : 1.1Pain of childhood sexual harassment

 1.2 Pain of double rape

1.3 Raising a rape child

 1.4 Surviving Kidnapping

 1.5 Surviving Gender Based Violence. 
This book struck me as a harven of healing process and it Opens Doors to the newness of life.

The gutzy author says she drew her strength from her heart attack. 
” in a way It opened my heart to the powerful Healing powers of God. With both my heart attacks doctors don’t know how I survived, but what I know are promises of God about Healing for us. ” 
“It makes me realize that life is too short, we need to use time given to us to fulfill our purpose in life not doing unnecessary things”. She said.
Her aspiration to write the book was through the rise of deaths of women in the hands of partners and rape that leaves survivors with a stigma that leads to suicide. “One young woman I was counseling wanted to castrate her own 4 year old son, because of rape. I saw the need to tell my story to give hope to these women. ” she added.
Sharing to the publication her Challenges she came across during her journey of writing. She said “I have experienced More pain as I revisited my painful past. I had to take a break , 2 years break started after 2 years then another 1 year’s break. There was also a lot of internal conflict. She sighed.

Tips on How she overcomed Challenges during her writing journey ?

1. Prayed a lot

2. Forgave myself and assured myself that I was not responsible for what happened to me

 3. Forgave all my perpetrators .

4. Started the process of healing. Faith played a major role to finally let go. 

When asked about the response from the public she said “Response is positive and there’s high demand and invitations to speak about GBV have started coming in, for example this Sunday (22.11.2020) I was a guest at Ekfm 103.6. I was emotionally paralyzed by the Listeners responses and getting a chance of telling their stories in quest for healing. On the 12th December I will be on an online tv station hosting me for their 16 days of non violence against Women and children”.

The response makes me feel like a doormat where all hurting people can come and wipe their shoes of the pains. All people because there’s a young man who told me crying that his baby mama raped him at varsity nobody believes him.” Said Mashinini-Ndlalani. 
In her conclusion she said ” i feel free and content that finally not only have I healed but others too will find their freedom”.

Vini is boasting “Ama black card” featuring Koffee on the Charts!

Speaking to the publication , a Spontaneous , willing and free spirited Vini is boasting ” Ama black card ” on the music charts. Born & bred in Alexandra township around his father’s influence, Condry Ziqhubu .Vini realised his debut album in 2018.

“It was all a dream” followed by a new single in 2019 “ Candyland” & music video available on YouTube.  One of his 1st music video reached 4k views . In 2020 he released two new singles “Ama Black Card” & “Un’gowami” . Ama Black Card which debuted no 25 on the charts and made it to top 10 of BCR’s hits #SaturdayPlaylisting.

Vini’s music is versatile and it fuses  elements-of pop/techno with Afro pop.
“My dream is to be heard & i believe that my dreams have been realised when i hear or see my songs on radio and tv”. Said Viny.
“Im inspired by new sounds artist that think outside of the box and create new genres of music”. He added.
“I’d like to continue doing what i love which is why am creating music & seeing people embrace my creation & being able to perform my music without boundaries”. He expressed.

Sharing his challenges and why he is still standing he said “My Challenges was of self doubt . I am inspired by people who keep encouraging my dream which helped me to overcome those fears.” Said Viny.

One item he cant live without he said ” my IPhone , its my creative tool in terms of creating my own artwork, my website pictures & drafting music ideas using garage band app.”  He sighed.
In  conclusion he said “Shout out to my co creator on this project Crxash. O & Lesedi, Koffee.Nkunzi & Kgotso for the vision” .  He concluded.

2Rreal’s “ToffoLux” translate to how special women are!

His much anticipated single entitled “ToffoLux ” has been making few rounds on BCR ‘s top 10 hits and is now sitting at no 10 of #ThursdayPlaylisting.

2Rreal SA

This hit is dedicated to “every women” which translate to how special women are. He sighed.

Toffolux is An afrobeat fused with R&B vocals featuring K MVSH .

Born Nhlonipho Laurel Malunga from kwazulu natal near a small town called Klaarwater , he is a singer and a songwriter. 

Known to his peers and fans as 2Rreal , he is a visionary – Focused and Fun!
Speaking to the publication he said “My love for music started in 2009 when I just arrived in high school (Ganges Secondary) I discovered my innate ability and fell in love at first sight”. He said.

When asked what makes him stand out from the other artists he said.
“I’m very versatile and able to mix genres to for a new sensational sound with my western zuluguy accent ” he added. 
He also shared his dreams and  how he realised them. “I’m grateful to have such talent and I thank the Lord for making it possible for my first Ep titled Ngeke Balunge to put me on tv platforms such as  The Morning Show – Galaxy Tv & Sunrise ) and I heard it on some radio station such as Umhlobo Wenene FM and uKhozi FM just to name a few” Said 2Rreal SA. 
Its understood he has drawn his inspiration from Nasty C.
” I believe seeing Nasty C making it big out there featuring international artists makes me see  possibilities as a young artist” said 2Rreal SA.
Beyond the pandemic he said that he want to see himself releasing more Good music and being on international stage.He also spoke about his challenges and how he overcame .”My greatest challenge was Not having studio equipment to draft my ideas. As a content creator you need to have the basic equipment you want” He expressed. 
In His conclusion he said “Shutout to Stoner Beats – DRC & K MVSH for their unfailing support”.

Instagram: @2realsa Facebook@ 2REAL SA

Big Zuu’s “great to be” jus became Bcr’s no 1 .

Rapper, Grime MC and Television Host, Big Zuu has released his latest hard-hitting single ‘Great To Be’ to the South African music scene and now sitting at no 1 of BCR’s Top 10 Hits #ThursdayPlaylisting.

Big Zuu has made quite a name for himself in South Africa and Africa at large as many did not know his mother is a refugee from Sierra Leone.
His previous single ‘Move Right‘ which pays tribute to his dual heritage, has enjoyed great success in South Africa and he cannot wait to share his latest offering with his fans!  

It’s believed This year has been a landmark year for the 25-year-old rapper, as he also hosts his own prime time tv show and his latest single follows the announcement of two Christmas specials for his new series- Big Zuu’s Big Eats- Big Zuu’s Christmas Eats which airs on UK’s Dave channel.

Listen to “Great To Be” here –