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Andrea destined for greatness.

Even the bravest of creatures have some fears but it is not enough to stop them from moving in the path they are destined to walk upon. 

Multi award winning actress Andrea Nomasebe Dondolo paved her way to the top. Regardless of the challenges she came across in the industry she never stoped believing.

She came across many setbacks including the yearning to belong in a nurturing environment that is sustainable and nurturing.
” Our industry is more like a hit and run and it requires resilience to survive. Its a real jungle, not really nurturing when you analyse the say ” you are as good as your last performance” . 
You have to be an adrenaline junkie and burn emotional burn out is as close as wearing your heart on your sleeve, the bumps and stretches can leave you unhinged” she expressed .

Its understood she overcomes all these stages by being resilient and seeing every failed audition as training on the field.
” I am a personal development junkie, i suppose that is why i trained as an NLP Lifecoach ”. She said.

Every won audition struck her as a highlight and successful delivery of every project to her  is a great achievement. 
”Winning a Safta for Stokvel is one of my greatest achievements and every nomination reminds that “I am seen” she added.

Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.
 Andrea have found  her true self and she is comfortable in her own skin and Doing what she loves on screen , expanding her portfolio as a creative beyond being just an actor, venture into producing and creating doors to unlock and expand her territory.

” I am stretching myself and growing my Lifecoaching practise, mentoring upcoming talent planting seeds of knowledge” She added.

Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle. The list of accomplishments and accolades is astounding. And the truth is, it’s just getting started.
Driven, inspired and assertive Andrea is now a nominee for best actress and influencer for 2nd Annual Black Entertainment Awards BEA .

Absy : His leap of faith movement lead to his Success.

Absalom Chengiah is living proof that Life is a gamble.There are no sureties. If you want something badly, you’d have to trust your heart and your instincts and then take a leap of faith.

Absy , as he is affectionately known in the industry , started playing guitar in 1999 with professional classes and studies the jazz guitar-his first instrument before mastering the pianos and bass.

In 2014  Absy jumped fully into music , composing and writing for other artists before his solo career. 
His decision saw him leaving corporate world to pursue his love for music.
” I was down in Kwazulu Natal (KZN) on the beach and thinking about life and I thought of what makes me happy and what inspired me . It came back to music because I love music and it got me through a lot of stuff in life. I made a right decision ” he said .

Focused, resilient and blessed Absy shared his Challenges in the industry and how he overcomes. 
”The transition from being employed to operating my own business and building a strong team in a new industry. I overcame this chalenges through understanding what music lovers enjoy, and worked very hard at producing high quality content under difficult and competitive circumstances” he expressed.

 He shared his greatest highlights in the industry which included Performing after Micasa in Swaziland, in December 2019. His first live national TV interview. Listening to his first song  released and knowing that this was the first of many.
He also shared his plans beyond covid 19 and more.
” I have the BEA Awards coming up in October and  I’m hosting an event in Kagiso in November with an all star line up. Im very excited to return to performing on stage again” he added. 

It’s believed a month before Salockdown Absy released his anticipated single entitled  ‘Abasazi’  feat Boi D , which tops the charts of Bcr’s hits.

” abasazi’ is special to me, because I got to work with my old team from 2015. The positive energy between us was incredible and the song took us back to how we grew up and the challenges we faced. I watched Boi D evolve over the years into the artist he is today” he concluded. 

Every great move forward in his career lends him to a nomination in two categories, best fresher , best music video for his single ‘say something’ and will be performing live at the black entertainment awards BEA  .

Absy Abasazi ft Boy D is now available in all digital media

Meet the Passionate, Self driven and self Made NexVocals.

The harder you work for something , the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it.

Nqobani Xaba , affectionately  known by his peer as NexVocals , is a Zimbabwean born Multi-talented vocal powerhouse . 

Born and bred in Bulawayo, Nex Vocalz rose to fame was through a joint project with his childhood friends (a group called Mac Eleven) which led to a resident performance at Club Marula and Festives concerts at Windermere Hotel

His most acclaimed for carrying his neighbourhood name and serves as an icon for hope and dreams come true aura for his peers.

An Independent artist who’s vocal prowess is audible through his RnB , Hip Hop and Afro Pop Jams which boast of collaborations from Artist regionally and Internationally. 

For Nex Vocalz Music is within his genes , being born in a family of musicians it was inevitable that he becomes this talented musically. 
A protege of Generous Mzila’s profound music teachings it’s clear Nex Vocalz is a musician destined for greatness.
During our conversation We have questioned highlights in his career and more. 
”My highlight in music was when i’ve heard my song  playlisted on Black community radio ” he said. 

‘Im all yours is inspired  by everyday love life ” he added. 

I quote  ”Behind every successful man , theres a strong women who held it together ” off quote.
To my astonishment there’s none.
”Honestly am a free agent , am still tryna get my music career straight first” he explained.
We all know that life doesn’t promise us anything.
 Should you happen to  loose your voice, what plans you have in place as assurance ?  
” i will probably go for music production and Vocal mixing , coz i realy love anything that has to do with music” he expressed. 

NexVocals is currently Working on a 17 tracks ( Rnb album entitled feelings which Features Nellz Mellow and king BOP.

Covid 19 has affected many creatives , however level 1 of lockdown gives hope to many including NexVocals.

” I am now happy we are at level1 of SALockdown ,  I got recognition and will be performing at the Black Entertainment Awards BEA” 
”am going in gunz blazing  bringing in music that speaks to the heart ” he concluded.

Facebook: NexVocals


Mamsie Ndlalani is a good Samaritan.


The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful,  honorable and compassionate.

Mamsie Ndlalani is a CEO of MMN funeral services and a Founder of Mamosa educational institute, a non subsidized independent school , first English medium school in duduza creating jobs for women and the youth. 
She assists university and college drop outs to go back to school.

She also Advocate against women and children abuse(GBV), also Giving Counselling for abused and raped victims.

”I help young girls and women because I was abused physically and otherwise. I want them to be independent and not depend on men. Activism against gender based violence is from this pain” she said .

An Educator by Profession graduated with B.A English major Higher Diploma in Education from The University of Fort Hare , Post Graduate Diploma in Management Studies from Management College of Southern Africa (MANCOSA) and currently a candidate in her MBA Final year.

She offers Mentorship programme , adopt university students  , Supply sanitary towels and toiletries to the girl child.

A former Deputy Treasurer (2020/2021) for the University of Fort Hare Alumni- Gauteng Chapter which Raised funds for students in need.
It’s believed this chapter made history in May by raising more than half a million within a month period to pay debts of 78 Fort Hare students to graduate. 

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” She added.

Ndlalani is a Facilitator and change agent .She runs widows and children enrichment programme.
 Through her determination and hardwork she founded an NPO (non profit organisation) Womandla , to assist women and children from abusive environment ,  supply them with food , clothing and safety. 

Despite the pandemic 2020 has been a great year of recognition . She is S.a Heroes’ s  runner up in the category women empowerment , also a nominee for Vita based awards gauteng legislature 2020 category women of honour.

With no subsidy from the state , she hosted inaugural KwatsaDuza academic awards for grade 11 and R’s and sources funders for school uniform campaign to the needy learners. 
She is like a candle which consumes itself to light the way for others.

Thabile vowed to continue inspire many lives while making money through her craft.

No inspiring business leader got to where they are without a willingness to work hard and put everything into their businesses .

The following rousing leader , entrepreneur and media guru sum up the importance of working hard.

Thabile Phambuka’ s journey started at community based radio stations Westside fm , Mogale fm and is currently a News reporter at Gautv .

She is a Motivational Speaker, MC , humanitarian and a business woman.

She was also featured in a book about unsung sheroes , an entire chapter on Kagiso women making waves on their own terms, and was on billboard.

”In the early stages of my life I regarded myself as a perfectionist because I work hard and I always want things done the right way, but this was a heavy title ,  instead I called myself an awesomist ,  meaning that I do things right , at the same time having fun and teaching others”

” I want to inspire and touch as many lives as possible while making money through my craft” she added .

A dream does not become reality through magic ; it takes sweat , determination , and hard work.

A dynamic woman has been nominated in the category best news at the black entertainment awards BEA 2020. The awards will be happening at Plot 248 on Saturday the 31st of october 2020.

Thabile founded Phambuka foundation , a non profit organization based in Mogale City.

Its belived the foundation was formed in response to the needs of the people and to provide development and support networks to adress challenges in the community and enhance quality of life.

” I don’t imitate others, I love helping out and I’m guided by my own conscience”. She concluded.

Thabile Phambuka: FB: Thabile Phambuka
Instagram: Thabilep

Gospel according to Ps Moss Magwatane, Sermon Rev.N.E NGOVENI, top 10 Charts & Fred hammond live .

Host: Ps Moss Magwatane, Sermon by Reverend N.E Ngoveni, Week 13

Top 10 charts

At no 10. Selloane Nkhela is back with Ayesaba magwala
9. Puleng March Ulwandle
8.soweto central chorus ft something soweto Bawo
7.Zaza Mokgethi imbewu
6.Lusanda Beja usibonile
5.Buci Radebe ketla Sahara
4.Joyous celebration Woza Moya lead by Kekeletso Phoofolo
3.Benjamin Dube ft Siphokazi Bayede
2. Sipho Ngwenya ft thina zungu Jesu efika ekuseni
1.Solly Moholo Wahamba nathi. DM us on blackcommunityradio8 twitter@blackcommunit14 email us Sms Donations to 48748.

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Catch BCR’S Top 10 Hits #SaturdayPlaylisting

Catch BCR’S Top 10 Hits #SaturdayPlaylisting at no 10 . Bcr top 10 Hits

At no 10. Dj grizzly shapa Leba
9.Uzophumelela Bless Gaza x Dj Cheese
8.First born Tido K ft Q Mark
7.Umlilo BlackStone ft stunner
6.Vuli sekele Razzi Razz ft QukkBillion
5. I’m yours NexVocals
4.Hlonipha Rethabile Khumalo ft Mvzzle
3. Cruz Afrika ft Menlito side chick
2 .Abasazi Absy ft Boy D
1. Khalinyawo Arabic Piano

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Catch BCR’s Top 10 Hits #FridayPlaylisting

BCR’s Top 10 Hits

No 10. Arabic Piano Khalinyawo 9.Absy ft Boy D Abasazi
8. Cruz Afrika ft Menlito side chick
7.Dj King ft Samfreze shade
6. NexVocals All yours
5. Rethabile khumalo Camagu ft Mvzzle Hlonipha
4.DaBaby ft Roddy Ricch Rockstar
3. Master KG ft Nomcebo Jerusalema
2.Casper Nyovest ft Zola 7 Bonginkosi
1.Eindo ft lova Too fresh. DM us on blackcommunityradio8 twitter@blackcommunit14 email us Sms Donations to 48748

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