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Kazy Doe Is Releasing a New Single, ‘Nobody knows ,’ featuring Emtee on Thursday the 9th.

Kazy Doe Is Releasing a New Single, ‘Nobody knows ,’ featuring Emtee on Thursday the 9th.

S.a based Nigerian born-Afro-pop singer/Songwriter /Producer and a fashion designer Kosonye Udoka is a talk of the town. Known to his peers and fans as Kazy Doe , the star is making waves in the music industry.

“am a family man.I believe in God. I believe in putting in the work and investing in my craft. And from what others say, I’m a great fashion designer. I design most of the clothes I wear”. He said .

His long anticipated single features internationally acclaimed rapper Emtee.
“I think there’s versatility in the kind of music I produce. Like I am an Afro Pop artist that has featured a rapper in my music.

“That versatility makes my music unique and seasons it with some different flavour.  Also my willingness to stay the course and invest in my craft. Some artists don’t have the patience to master their craft, however long it takes. I don’t mind staying the course. Putting in the effort. 

 Speaking to the publication about challenges he came accross in the industry he said “Being an aspiring musician in Nigeria with no savings to fund your career made me realize that if I am to make it in music, I will need to invest in my craft. I had to pause music so I can get jobs to save up. The greater challenge was financial resources because to record, master and sell your music is money. And to build your brand as an artist requires some investment too. Today I have a manager because I worked and continue to work hard to invest in my craft and music career.

Its understood His musical journey started in 2015. “when I released some love song with my friends. This was just the result of curiousity and some sparks of passion towards music. There used to be some musical group in Nigeria that was popular when I was growing up. And I was fascinated by how their music got people singing along and dancing. I liked that. And wanted to have that kind of effect on people through my own music”.
My dad. Although I may think I became an accidental musician, my dad saw it in me sooner that I could. He’s the reason I got back into music. I’m not sure if he saw it in church when I was playing piano or when I released the first single with my friends. He kept on saying, there’s a future for me in music I should go back. That was after I left music after the first single”. He sighed .

Some people were born with the golden spoons and some need to hustle get those spoons for themselves. “I know what it feels like to struggle, to hustle on the streets, to work extra hard. So the song is a hala to all the hustlers on the streets, trying to make it in life. I’m saying to them; keep pushing, do not give up. Nobody knows how hard it is out there, just stay focused”. He expressed.

Kazy Doe is optimistic on how the public will receive the song. “After music sampling on an interview I did recently, I had fans asking that I release the song the following day. They are already jamming to it, going ‘nobody know….nobody Know’.

According to him independent artists are given enough platform to express themselves . “By social media. Nowadays you don’t really need to wait for someone to host an event to promote yourself. You just get into the studio, record, publish digitally and engage your social community” . He added.

In his conclusion he said “invest in your craft. Produce the best possible product. Get yourself a PR manager. It is important to get a manager because a manager will help you with the business side of your music. They will get you known, help build your brand and to secure the bag”.

The new single “Nobody knows ” featuring Emtee will also be published across all major digital music streaming platforms.

Search for him on Social media handles @Kazy_doe

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Refilwe Legwale says “I love giving back to my community and it gives me great pleasure to be involved in this pageant. It is an opportunity that is being brought to home in such a safe environment for them!

Refilwe Legwale says “I love giving back to my community and it gives me great pleasure to be involved in this pageant. It is an opportunity that is being brought to home in such a safe environment for them!

For centuries, the greatest thinkers have suggested that “If you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody”.
This gravitates to happiness found in helping others.

Speaking to the publication a 30 year old vibrant and driven Refilwe Legwale from a small village called Pella near Rustenburg , north West fits the clove for giving back to the community.

She is a graduate holding a degree in Somatology, in the health and beauty industry.
“I absolutely love the industry im in and looking to make a mark in the industry.

Legwale is the Owner of Obliss Serenity Spa (Obliss Haven) which is a day and mobile Spa based  at Rametsi Eco Game lodge in Lindleyspoort, Swartruggens.
“We are considered the best by our clients and my passion for the industry is a driving force on every responsibility that i have”.

“Our Spa is a haven for our guests. Therapies for an example  massages are not a luxury but a necessity to a healthier lifestyle” 
“I love working on guests and ultimately changing their skin and making them love and appreciate their bodies. We also give our best in our healing work because thats what our Holistic therapies do, they heal. We want you to walk in and walk out feeling like you just got yourself a new body and soul”. She ponders!

The biggest challenge of life is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else.

” I think being a young woman in a rural village is a challenge itself. I have experienced that a lot of education is needed for people to understand the importance and health benefits that come with complementary therapies. The other biggest challenge would be marketing resulting in bringing feet in the spa and increase revenue. Its a new journey and has been beautiful and difficult at times but im hopeful and ready for great things to come”.
“I started my business last year December. Health and wellness are very close to my heart so i wanted to bring it closer to home. I believe that your body has the ability to heal itself given the chance and my passion for the industry pushes me to see a better change in the way our industry is. To improve livelihoods of spa therapists. Said Legwale.

Its believed Legwale draws a lot of inspiration from people that she cross paths with wanting to make changes in the spaces they are in.
“I want to bring facilities and activities to the young ones in the disadvantaged communities. Having grown up in the rural area, I also experienced the disadvantages. That is what pushes me. We also started a hang out spot under Obliss Haven which is called Kream Chillaz in Pella. We come up with creativity and fun activities for people to come relax and chill with us”. She said.

A gift that touches the heart ignites the soul with flames of passion.

“I love giving back to my community and it gives me great pleasure to be involved in this pageant. It is an opportunity that is being brought to home in such a safe environment for them. My role would be giving motivation and of course experience in the Spa world.

The Queen( Face of North 21) would then come and experience us and the importance of self care and wellness at a young age”. She added.

When asked if models are given enough platform in modelling industry especially in the rural area she said

” It is not enough especially in the rural areas under Rustenburg.

There is a lot of talent getting wasted because people dont have the right information, those who do sometimes dont have the means to travel to Gauteng for such opportunities. Parents are also wary of their children traveling that side because of all the horrific stories we hear and read about” she sighed!

In conclusion she said “I believe you can be anything you want and you are already half way there. Nothing can stop a determined heart and mind. Also Do not let the challenges get you down, do what you love and have fun doing it.

Visit Obliss Haven on the following handles Facebook, Instagram and Twitter@Obliss Haven

WhatsApp and calls on 081 258 6343 

Face of North 21 ‘s announcement for top 8 which lead to the crowning will be hosted on saturday the 25th September at Malethlogelwa show grounds at 2pm . Tickets available at R100 VIP And General at R50 . Reserve your your tickets now on 084 408 1719 or 078 435 7500 limited tickets available ..

To continue voting your your favourite male and female contestants please click on the link below

Mamosa educational institute takes a gutzy move against GBV!

Mamosa educational institute takes a gutzy move against GBV!

In an iconic partnership between the Duduza Saps, the Department of Community Safety and the Mamosa Educational Institute, a bold statement was made when learners from the Mamosa Institute visited the Duduza police station.

Lead in front by the Duduza Vispol Commander Capt Mabuza, the leaners chose to  demonstrate and marching to police station as a sign of denouncing GBV. 

At the police station the leaners were met by Sgt Harry Manaka who empowered them with more knowledge about GBV and various measures to stop the scourge.
In support of all the victims of recent GBV incidents, learners rendered poetry items and encouraged the police to be resilient in their fight against crime in general. 

Issued on behalf of the Duduza Saps station Commander Lt Col Bheki Mhlungu
Report by Sgt Harry Manaka Duduza Saps 071 111 5257

Anaani’s “Level up” at Bcr’s top 10 hits!

Anaani’s “Level up” at Bcr’s top 10 hits!

Afrobeat/Soul Singer-Songwriter Anaani is extending the summer vibes with the release of his newest single, Level-Up.”  

The song is available now for streaming and download on all major digital platforms.

Its believed before he started his musical Journey , he was then a teacher by profession .
” It all started when i use to sing in the church service ,which developed me to be one of the artists inspired by Maron 5“. He said .

The star unique style made him to stand out from many artists in Ghana.
 “My greatest influence is the guitar, cos each time i play it gives me more melodies and makes me feel good mood in the hussle zone”.
“My journey hasn’t been easy though , due to financial difficulties , because with money we can do all things” he added.

Speaking to the publication about his hit single “Levelup” he said ” Level-up is a progress song, meaning from a level to higher level,seriously the public has received it massively and trust me it making waves in Ghana“.
He also touched on his life and struggles.
“life has been tough throughout but with God things have turn good now , so it really inspired me to put something down to make the public know time changes and this new level” of my life”. He expressed.

He also mentioned how many independent artists are not given enough Platform .
” We are not given attention we deserve  in the creative industry because we are not the main stream artists “
“in Ghana per say , it’s very difficultti to get attention, but we pray oneday we should all get a massive support needed and attention”. He sighed!
In his conclusion he said ” I would like to encourage my fans to never give up, and they should continue working hard and pray all the way!
 Catch “Level-Up ” on Bcr’s top 10 hits week 41 #AdjustedLevel3SaLockdown #PlayingOnlyTheHits here :

Level Up 🔥🔥

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Giant See the same faces on the big screen. Not enough is done for the emerging artist recording in their backroom!

Giant See the same faces on the big screen. Not enough is done for the emerging artist recording in their backroom!

Imbhodoko is a single released In 2020 . It’s believed to be purely dedicated to the queens!
Featuring a decent  Majestic Ndofaya ; who put his slick flow to good use yet again to honour women from every walks of life.
This jam will be making a debut on the weekly charts on Black community radio Bcr’s top hits week 41 of the charts.

“Before Giant Mo or Giant I was this humble & shy young girl trying to find her way in life. I wasn’t as outgoing and vibrant as I am now” 

“The name Giant kind of grew on me when I was in high school. In those days I loved talking about God so one day we talked about being Giants in God. After that day my friends called me Giant whenever the saw me” . 
“I am actually an afro gospel artist who plays guitar which makes me uncommon. I am a very spiritual person & I love making everything I do about God”. She added.

Speaking to the publication about her challeges and how she overcame she said “My biggest challenge was having to dilute my craft to make it fit for other people. There were times when I backed on songs that had nothing to do with Jesus & I convinced myself that one has to start somewhere. It’s a big deal for me because I value consistency. The gospel industry, in my opinion, is also very narrow. It’s always the same people on our screens & I believe that should change”.  
Her musical Journey started at a tender age of 2 years . “I sang mostly at church and the rest is history”.
“My biggest influence has to be Lianna La Havas. She isn’t a gospel singer but her style of writing is fire”.
Asked if the upcoming artists are given enough plartform in the industry she said “No! Its probably because the industry is still small. We see the same faces on the big screen. Not enough is done for the emerging artist recording in their backroom. Not enough academies are open encouraging the youth to evolve in the arts. The arts as a while are not prioritized in this country. 
In her conclusion she said ” our consistency, dedication & skill will determine whether your dreams come true or not. Push!

You can Stream or download “Imbhokodo” on this link : Imbokodo by Majestic Ndofaya ft Giant  on #SoundCloud

Hit-Making KingMbizo have chosen his “TwinPlug” in Crazy Q’s talent !

Hit-Making KingMbizo have chosen his “TwinPlug” in Crazy Q ‘ s talent !

KINGMBIZO who is best known for countless charting hits such as ‘Ihalihali’ which he had been featuring the likes of a singing sensation Pollet( listen here on this link) :

The star returns with a new summer hit “TwinPlug”. Fairly new to the music industry this duo rose to fame following come back on the number one sport on Black community radio Bcr’ s weekly hits charts and appearances on famous 629 AVENUE show on Hip 97.7 fm with the Bubbly versatile Radio and NewDimeTv’s on the record host Miss Eshdey Diphae  show this past thursday the 19th August. 
According to KingMbizo ‘ ” TwinPlug” cemented his professional relationship with Crazy Q . The two will be on a mission to promote their hit single and hopefully to be part of the 10th annual Mema awards ( Matlosana entertainment music awards) .

Catch Bcr’s top 10 hits week 31 
KingMbizo ft Pollet “ihalihali” sitting at No.1 spot on this link :

Catch Bcr’s Top 10 hits week 33
KingMbizo featuring Crazy Q “TwinPlug” sitting at on this link :

Listen/Download ” TwinPlug” here

Facebook : KINGMBIZO


Gender based Violence “Revisits the mirror” is a life Changing Book !

Gender based Violence “Revisits the mirror” is a life Changing Book!

Gender based Violence “Revisits the mirror” is a life Changing Book!

The more sand that has escaped from the hourglass of our lives , the clearer we should see through it. We have tapped into the days of her life and beyond through her book.

“I was inspired by the the death of so many women at the hands of their partners. The pain that Rape victims are going through, depression and suicide. I remember well one young woman who survived rape that I was counseling she wanted to castrate her son, because he reminded her of the rapist”.
“I want to tell my story of victory from my past pains in order to help them heal. That there’s an open door waiting for them to walk in”. She said.

Known to her peers and fans as a ” life changer”. Mamsie Ndlalani Mashinini ‘”Revisits the mirror  has officially been published and has hit hard on the South African market!

We recently had a chat with few women who bought and read her book and the inspiration behind it.

Dr Simo Klaas on the pic

Amongst those who read the book  “The journey presented in the book is narrated very well and therapeutic for me due to similarities in certain areas of our backgrounds. I had to relive my past life experiences and I was in tears up to the end”. Said Dr Sino Klaas.

Mashinini- is armed with passion and a drive unparalleled to her peers. At her age , fresh-faced and determined, She has managed to confidently chase her dreams of owning a private school “Mamosa Educational Institute” first English Medium School in Duduza East of Ekurhuleni, following a fallout with abuse , also an affiliated group of Women “Womandla” to empower women from all walks of life.

Her admiration and love for human kind , specifically women who have been abused caused her to establish and write up a book which aims to be one of the world’s most influential Book. 

Catch this set-up for Pop Up Market scheduled on sunday the 05 th of September . The market commence at 08:00 to 17:0 at Waterfall Market, Mall Of Africa.

Kindly see her interview live on DaveytonTv with Pastor Petros “Daddy” Khoza show on this link :

Eleven Semi-finalists battles for Public Choice!

Eleven Face of North’s Semi-inalists battles for Public Choice!

The committee of Face Of North 21 published their top 11 semi-finalists and hopefuls for the crown.Those who made it to the list includes Kefilwe Given Khoza (Pella Rustenburg ) , Jeanet Lefiri (Pella Rustenburg ), Tshwanelo Rankoa,(Pella Rustenburg ), Akanyang Semfeng (Pella Rustenburg),(), Lesego Molotsi (Pella Rustenburg ), Ontlametse Nkau (Pella Rustenburg), Kgothatso Milano (Pella Rustenburg ), Masego Makau (Paardekraal Rustenburg), Shadrack Koketso Mohutsi(Pella Rustenburg ), Koketso  Mafa (Paardekraal Rustenburg ) and William Onkarabile Khoza  ( Pella Rustenburg).

Out of the 11 , the top 6 will be announced at the Sash event to be hosted on the 25th of September after which they will continue with voting towards grand finale at Malethlogelwa show grounds. 

Speaking to the publication the contestants in their order says “If I win face of North my role to the community: would be acting as an example to those young girls like me in the community and to become their positive role model and to show them modelling doesn’t go by body shape”. Said Jeanet Lefiri. 

” if I win the competition well for my community I will inspire young people like and to help them to gain self-confidence and so all”. Said Tshwanelo Rankoa. 

“If I Win these Pagent my role in the community is to be a responsible citizen .and to be a role model that will help other s to mold thier sense of responsibility and concern as early as good ..n I will even participate to the program and projects that can be beneficial to our community”. Said Ontlametse Nkau. 

“If i win i would go to houses where old and disable people live to clean their yards for free”. Said Masego Makau. 

“To inspire other people that nothing is impossible to reach… And no dream is too small nor big to reach “. Said Shadrack Koketso Lehutsi .

William Onkarabile Khoza says :”will be a role model to other young gents nd encourage them to go for their talents cause hard work leads to achive the goal u set. I will make sure I do the talent show for mi community since their is more talent(Art) in my community”.

Kefilwe Given Khoza says ” to form groups of youth and encourage then not to abuse alcohol and drugs . Those who have problems to go to rehab so that they could go to school “.

Kgothatso Mega Milano says “I would motivate children to go for modelling and always believe in their selfs more” .

Lesego Molotsi says “If I win the competition I would encourage my peers or young people who have interest and the ability to do modeling to never look down on theirselves and go for it, and to believe that they are gonna make it and to have confidence and also to be themselves”.

Koketso Mafa says “the first thing i am going to ook for young boys who are interested on modelling yeah I will teach them to become a modelling yeah I know that some boys are little bit scared or thinking that modelling is only for girls but I will show them that modelling is not only for girls I will look for place where I will train my students.

In conclusion Lerato Lerifi ( face of North 21’s ambassador says ” “I’m extremelly happy ,it feels so good to be a leader to young people,encouraging them to believe in their self nd have highself esteem, and i have hope that they wil never disappoint me ,this competition wil be hectic and interesting also other young people Will have interest after our event all i ask is support from any1 thanks”.

Face Of North 21
( Top 11 Semifinalist )
Voting officially open now ♥️♥️♥️till the 7th September 2021.👏🔥💃
Please vote for your favourite contestant 👏🔥💃 simply click on the link below and vote❤❤❤


Ihalihali’ Hitmaker KingMbizo , A-Star Returns With A New Single “Twin plug ” with the sexy Crazy Q.

‘Ihalihali’ Hitmaker KingMbizo -A Star Returns With A New Single entitled “Twin Plug”featuring “the Sexy” Crazy Q.

‘Ihalihali’ Hitmaker KingMbizo , A-Star Returns With A New Single “Twin plug ” with the sexy Crazy Q.

Following the success of his previous hit single `ihali hali ‘ Featuring Pollet that topped the Black community radio Bcr ‘s charts. Making rounds for over three weeks sitting at no 1 spot.
Check KingMbizo ‘s official Music video  “Ihali hali” featuring Pollet and subscribe here:

King of Maskandi Dance music and Ihalihali Hitmaker A-Star, has returned with a new Amapiano dance hit titled ‘Twin PLug’.
Crazy Q– added her sultry vocals laid over upbeat amapiano strings . The song premiered on Bcr’s top 10 hits and is making rounds on the charts.
This duo is set for an exclusive interview to celebrate Women’s month on Thursday the 19th of August live on the 629 Avenue .
The review is set for 19:00 pm with Eshdey Diphae and Debra De Cruz behind the Mic on The audio sensation Hip 97.7fm .
Listen/Download “Plug” here
instagram@King Mbizo
Bookings call 0840528332

Zero4’s “Seventeen” is due before his B-Day!

Zero4’s  “Seventeen” is due before his B-Day!
Mbuso Bohlale Mabuya is a 16-year-old high-school learner from Lenasia south of Johannesburg . His journey started in church at an early age and is now influenced by 
Young stunna!

“I started singing at the age of 6 years when i was influenced by Keke a well known Gospel singer and now Young Stunna does the most for me “. He expressed. 
Known to his peers and fans as Zero4 and has plans to take the world by storm. Zero4 shared his Ep underway entitled “SEVENTEEN”.
Speaking to the publication he confirmed the release before his birthday on the 11th of September. From jus a listen session, this Ep will be making waves across SA and the world. This with
tracks such as The Bag ( featuring S.T Washie & Chaos), paradise featuring Soulistic exodus, sthandwa sami and Chuck Norris.
In conclusion he said  “You can do anything you put your mind to, anything is possible if you believe, the sky is the limit. You can do it black child” .

Facebook:Bo Hla Le