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Keavan Bayer’s decision kept him on top of his game!

Every success story is a tale of constant adaption , revision and change ! The loss of his great grandmother brought a great change in his life for good. 

” I grew up in a community which is known for drugs and crime but I chose a different route” 
” after I gave my life to Jesus everything just made sense”
” I thought of finishing school and get atleast a qualification , Said Buyer.

Born and bred in Davidsonville , Keavan Buyer is a 18 year old soccer star in the making . His journey started at the age of 6 when his uncle enrolled him into Davidsonville United. “My uncle was a soccer player even though he didn’t play professionally , I decided to take a chance ” he said .

His breakthrough started in 2017 when he was still an athlete . One of his friends informed him of the trials at Kaiser Chiefs development. 

” they didn’t have anyone under the age of 17 , i believe I was 15 and the guys there were stronger and older than me but eventually they like my performance and I continue to play throughout 2017.

” What kept me to the top of my game is discipline ” he expressed.

In 2019 he finished matric and achieved 2 distinctions in maths lit and life orientation . In 2020 Covid19 happened!

“I didn’t do athletics or soccer instead i enrolled further  and graduated with IT ( Information technology qualifications.
” My dream is to play for Bafana Bafana”

” when the chairman gave me the jacket for my hardwork and performance , felt motivated ”
” I’d also like to play for Manchester city to represent my country (South Africa) internationally” . 
” I think we are an underestimated country , people really don’t know about us ” ” I wanna show them what we are about and make a way for other youngsters. He sighed.
Speaking to the publication during his training session he said ” i am currently playing for ‘Amour bearer F.C’ which is a new team based in Rustenburg North West. Its a new team , no one is signed yet but hopefully we will be coached by Daniel Olcina from Spain. 

In his conclusion he said ” It cannot be done shouldn’t interrupt you. You can be anything you want .

Amstel’ drops a hit “Lelopo” featuring Rooted.

Nothing is more effective than consistency when it comes to making your craft stand out. In a nutshell , consistency is the key.

This clove fits Amstel Maboa , 3Sum’s fame only surviving member. He is strong , ambitious and persistent . Maboa never left the industry but kept his brand alive. He is back with vengeance, this time with his hit single entitled “Lelopo” featuring Rooted.

Speaking to the publication he said “I’ve always believed that my art will save me and that only makes me different” Said Maboa.

” My Album is inspired by culture & african tradition , the new single Lelopo is now available on all digital stores” he added.
” Since covid19 theres no gigs scheduled for me, however me and my team are planning to stream something online ” he expressed .
Song Review:  Lelopo’s intro is atmospheric and it capture one’s imagination from the start . The beat sets up a mood to dance. Is it the kind of tune that would be easy to remember!

In conclusion he said ” Do what you good at most & never ever limit your talents” .

Catch Amsteĺ Maboa single titled Lelopo here
Instagram @amsteldiva facebook: Amstel Maboa

S.A_RIFA’s “The Heist” Tackles socio-economic issues such as rape , corruption and racism!

We do not need magic to change the world, everyone possess all the power they need inside themselves already. We all have the power to imagine better!

South africa’s most loved female rapper SA_Rifa uses words to flow about the most controversial issues we are facing in the country .Hailing from the dusty streets of Bisho in the Eastern Cape , Sarifa Sokutu who is known to her peers and fans as ” SA_RIFA ” is brave enough to “speak to say “enough is enough “.

Its understood a 20 year old rapper started writing music at the age of 10 and she’s been passionate about it ever since.
“What makes me stand out is the fact that I’m myself and there’s no other SA_Rifa out there , there’s one and it’s me”. She said. 
When asked about where she drew her inspiration from she said “Growing up , I used to watch TV a lot and I would always watch music channels all the time. I think seeing a lot of artists like Drake , J Cole and Jay-Z just to name a few make music is what inspired me the most. I also just saw a gap in the market because there weren’t any south African female rappers on TV at the time and I just wanted to be that especially after seeing someone like Nicki Minaj and so I started writing music from there”. She added.
 “I have quite a few influence , but I think my greatest influence in music is Drake. He’s just done a lot for the culture and he’s always on top of his game and makes sure to push his pen all the time and I draw a lot of inspiration from that” She sighed!
Her current single which believed to be her 3rd single dropped on the 08th of March featuring the most talented and amazing Vocalist named ‘Piscez’. Its believed the song inspiration derived from her favorite series called “Money Heist”.
“the song kinda name drops some of the characters in the series but it also addresses the socio-economic issues that we are faced with as a country such as rape , corruption and racism just to name a few”. She expressed. 
The song is produced by ‘Christer’ , engineered by ‘Zeph’ and is available on all digital platforms .

Due to the pandemic she hasn’t scheduled any performances as of yet , but plans on shooting her music video soon. Speaking to the publication about how society values women especially in the entertainment industry she said “
“I don’t think women are treated fairly.We always have to work extra extra hard to be recognised in the industry especially in hip hop cause it’s very male dominated and women are always expected to dress in a certain way In order to seem more appealing to their audience whereas with men no one ever tells them how to dress”. 
In her conclusion she said “There is absolutely no limit to what you can do. Work towards your dreams and remember that everyone has their own journey and so you will eventually end up where God has destined you to be”.

Soso is a force of Inspiring Change!

People say different things about prostitution. Some think that it would actually help sex workers more if it were decriminalised?

I think it’s true to say that every woman has a breaking point! It may be OK for this girl, who is independent and manages to pay her bills , but not for this girl, who was molested as a child, who never knew she had another choice, who was just trying to get money to make ends meet. Sound like justifying , isn’t?

The great solution to all human problems is individual inner transformation. Well a proud mom of two , following her drug addiction, is helping Nyaope boys to realise their worth. 

“I met Mahomed who then introduced me to Chris, the founder of Thuthukani projects and that’s when i have realised that I needed to change my ways before it’s too late” She said.

“The physical abuse was horrible, but the real abuse was the mental abuse – the things they would say that would just stick and which i could never get from under”. She added.
” I am fed up! I’m done looking down on myself “. She sighed!

Going hard in the gym and contemplating her next move that which involves Soup kitchen project for the boys who are willing to take a stand and Change their ways.

Nobody does faces her demons quite like Soso. 
While us “so called normals” are on each other’s throats , probably competing against each other , drinking and blame it on the alcohol instead of taking responsibility of our lives , she’s devoted her time on making a difference!

And, of course , she’s admitted to not being entirely sober while doing it, but if she wants to bring back the spirit of “Ubuntu” cause that’s what we supposed to then hands off ! You are not going to question her methods of Goodwill.

” it hasn’t been easy and I have never thought for a minute that it would be easy ”  ” am doing this for me and no one else” she added.

“People were concerned when I left the street life ” Who do you think you are ? How are you going to make money?
In her conclusion she said.” It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform. If I can do it so is you.

for Counseling related matters please Call & Message Family south Africa FAMSA