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HorizonLeap’s ”Giya” tops the charts sitting at number 7!


A new year means new beginnings and fresh starts. It’s more of freeing yourself of failures and disappointments and embracing a new perspective—a fresh look at the future and what it holds!

HorisonLeap has been a little quiet on the music front. This after a few years of struggle to break into the industry . he’s released his new music and back with vengeance. This time around with his hot hit single “Giya ” featuring RockFuzeh . Its believed this ” Jam” has been making rounds on Bcr’s top 10 hits and is currently sitting at No 7 . 

Most people might not know him personally and some sing along to his music when it’s  playlisted on South African radio and a few TV stations.

HorizonLeap is a vocalist, composer , author , producer and he is also the sole owner of Kora Music PTY LTD. He is known for his sweet and charming voice when featured on House music tracks . His versatility landed him in genre’s like Hip Hop and Amapiano.  Just like most creatives he also had a few years struggling to breakthrough into the industry till 2013 when he met DJ MarryKano at Maponya Mall.

” it was not long when DJ MarryKano introduced me to the producer called Thapelo “Gintonic” Ginya who produced the first version of “Love Land” which became famous and was remixed by few more producers”. He said.

“I have worked on many projects throughout my career, for instance “Love Land” which featured on House Afrika Sessions 5 album, “Follow Follow” which was a remix of Chymamusique’s (season of change), as well as “Love in the music” by Brewed Souls which also featured on another House Afrika’s compilation” He expressed. 

Born and bred in Evaton in the early 80’s , HorizonLeap knew he was going to be a musician due to his family’s musical background and moreover his brother was a pianist.

“Being a musician came natural to me as i would join choir practices at home because my father was a conductor as well as a Reverend.” He sighed.

“At a tender age of 9 , i started writing music from Gospel, Choir music even R&B music ”.  He added.

It’s understood His love for music grew bigger when he met the South African Music Legend Mr Koloi Lebona who took HorizonLeap under his wing as his mentor , and in 2005 , HorizonLeap started his own record label “Ice Rocks Records”.

catch HorisonLeap ft RockFuzeh here : Bcr’s top 10 hits #week23 #level1Salockdown #fridayPlaylisting #level1Salockdown at No10. ❤F-eezy ft saucerman guluva phone 9.❤️ NexVocals All yours 8.❤ Khobzin x Kiavalla x Zeedeep x Versone Akabambeki 7.❤️HorizonLeap ft RockFuzeh Giya 6.❤Ama2000 Kevin Makhosi ❤️ 5. Rytious Thandaza ❤️ 4.❤️ Eindo too fresh ft lova 3.❤️ Rethabile ft Muzzle camagu 2. ❤️Beyonce x shatta Wake Major Laser Already 1.❤️ Cardi B ft Megan the stallion Wap

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Sasha Lee Kingsley says “You only live once, live your life and the world will adjust”.

Sasha Lee Kingsley says “You only live once, live your life and the world will adjust”.

We are living in a “so called democratic” society but a lot of prejudices still exist. The transgender community per say still faces tremendous bias, despite all efforts by its advocates.

Speaking to Sasha Lee Kinsley she shared her story “As I grew older I realised more that I was different from other kids ,  it was in my mid 20s where i realized that i was not gay but actually a transgender, I dated someone who actually supported me then who actually celebrated my sexuality to try new things . I was on hormone pills for one month and got off them coz of the side effects”.  

Its believed most women has some complicated relationship to beauty, but as a transgender woman it’s a bit more complicated. There’s a lot of pressure to appear feminine.

Sasha Lee Kinsley said “Living a trans life is costly because u always have to be on point.  Makeup is expensive but I love my versatility because I mix my clothes , i always go for clothing that is non binary “. She added. 

 We also learned about her challenges and how she overcame. 
“Well I was born gay or rather trans I have never led a straight life. I always grew up playing with dolls and made friends with girls in school. It wasnt easy as most children especially our own black kids never understood me so I opted to have friends of other races where I was more accepted”.  
“The biggest challenge is not every doctor understands you when you are a  transgender, especially male doctors as most lack information on referrals and so forth. I was lucky to meet a lady who worked for a trans clinic who assisted me and made me understand that this is who I am and who am out to become”.

“Yes this is who I am this is my identity and I have to live by it. I wont lie being trans in a corporate world one has struggled to get noticed for yr efforts it’s even more of a challenge when it even comes to using a bathroom. I used the disabled toilet as I was not accepted in other gender toilets”. She sighed!

With Sasha Lee Kinsley the only process for her is to get breast enlargement and go for permanent facial removal.
“I am blessed to have natural female features by nature which has never been a challenge for me”
There is a psychological phenomenon called the “Consequence of choice” It says that the more choices you are faced with, the more difficult it is to decide. When you finally decide, it has taken longer and you are less confident that is was the correct choice.
“Live your life the world will adjust, always put your safety first . Alot of trans ppeople suffer from discrimination which lead to depression and I have been there. You are responsible for your own life and decisions. It’s always great to work hard for what’s  yours”. She said.

“My family has always been supportive and they really understand instead they look out for me and want more for me “. 

Embarking on what’s need to be done she said  ” Well i think the society need to be educated more about Lgbti and sexuality d , Honestly they need that , I  attract alot of straight men.
The moment u mention transgender they dnt understand or they will react in a very arrogant manner. We live in a society where there isn’t enough awareness about trans lives . There needs to be more visibility especially especially in the media educating society about trans lives because they do matter. 

The act of going within, finding our truth , and then sharing it, it helps us far more than we know.

Facebook: Sasha Lee Kinsley 

Rytious serves a beat in any genre and make it sound classic!

Rytious serves a beat in any genre and make it sound classic!

Rytious has opened up about his journey and challenges as an artist in the industry. “South African music industry is very tough…its a friend to friend industry filled with many gate keepers,its make friends with them or pay them even for airplay,so its very rough…thats why i decided to venture overseas & it worked out well”. 

To some his truth came out as being arrogant?

Speaking boldly to the publication on how he stand out from all the other artists he said ” I am able to serve a beat in any genre and make it a classic…im a all rounded artist”. 
“I’m a father of a 5 year old handsome boy,im also a owner of a branding company called Lunga Supplies Everything”.

According to Lunga , the journey started at the age of 12 years old and he was lucky to be surrounded by people who had a really great ear for music.

He drew his inspiration from internationally acclaimed artists of all time ” 2Pac & Lauryn Hill their passion & music are amazing” he expressed. 

Music review : Rytious music alwys tops the charts . currently two single “Malambane” which stood at No 1 & Style somgolo sitting at No 5 of Bcr’s top 10 hits on a weekly playlisting , the next single set to rock the airwaves is “Thandaza” .

When asked about his opinion on artists given enough platform and attention in the creative industry he said ” I guess it depends on where you located…certain regions really support,others a more difficult so you always have to find creative ways override the gatekeepers and haters”. He sighed!

Message adressed to aspiring artists he said  “BE YOURSELF!

Find Rytious music on soundcloud,spotify & apple music.Google Rytious all my music will come up.


Music is a part of every society and is common to all human cultures all over the world.

Its understood the kind of music one loves might not be ideal for another , and vice versa!

Thabo Motloung , known to his peers and fans as DJTMAN loves the underground MUSIC.

” its been a long time since I’ve been making music, been a producer it’s not easy cause  people mostly like to play famous songs than exploring new or unknown artist’s music ” 

“I believe that some unknown artists have best music but because their not known their music doesnt get enough airplay ” . He expressed. 

This versatile DJ is also a  producer for genres such as amapiano , Deep House ,hip hop, kwaito & RnB.

“I have my own unique style of music that haven’t been had before” 

Reflecting back from his journey he said ” my journey started by writing rap songs at high school in 2004 then I also joined the choir at school then I was on a church brass band in 2011 till 2013 .

I was also in a group of 5 artists made of 2 Self taught producers , one of the producers was me and at that time I was a beginner but I made beats with sense , after which I decided to produce & learn more about music until now as I am today”. 

His greatest influence is drawn from mostly known guys that make amapiano music like kabza de small , Virgo deep & jazzy deep the is because their music got them to be successful in life and that’s how I would like to see myself one day.

Music review: This exclusive jungle mingle-moose blends amapiano jams fused with different types of vibes. Its party time kinda feel.  

In his conclusion he said ” i would like to say keep on pushing your work every day, work hard, stay focused and know your target market.

Facebook : I am Thabo Motloung (T-man)

Instagram: I’m DJTMAN

RataVaslapa evolves their collective consciousness and changes misconceptions about traditional healers.

When we connect with our ancestors and put their wisdom into action, we are evolving our collective consciousness.

Lerato Emmanuelle Ramathibela, hailing from Soweto Diepkloof is a force behind the swagger!
“Well most people associate traditional Healers with untidyness, so I’m changing that mentality as most of them are actually clean” . Said Ramathibela.

Award winning brand-Ratavaslapa is transporting the ancient truths of our collective past and birthing them into the now (future).
“Well with me I always create Original ideas and I’m CONSISTANT.” 

“Well I realized my journey after the passing of my mother, she’s my inspiration and this journey means alot to me because I do what I love.” He expressed. 
With this outfits created and branded #RataDlozi #RataMpande the designs extends the wisdom of all those who have gone before us, and it provides a guide for all those who will follow.

Aspired by significant other & Masechaba Ndlovu. They both played, are playing and will still be playing huge roles in my life in future”. He said.

Speaking to the publication about how traditional healers are treated in the creative industry he said ” i think they not treated with respect like before , so there’s no platform for them , we as a Nation have sidelined them”. He expressed.
In his conclusion he said ” Be Original,add a cup of Passion & a spoon of Love for what you do”.

Facebook: Lerato Moscovitch Ramathibela
Instagram @RataVaslapa 

Get comfy with Some Ooh.lala Moment with Samantha!

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.
Samantha Nandipha Majonga is a serial entrepreneur with multiple startup companies and business interest. She is an information system graduate from Northwest university and a beauty with brains behind Ooh.lala Boutique in roodepoort cbd.
 ” I have always had a passion and appetite for the above mediocre in life”. Said Samantha.

What differentiate Ooh lala store from other Boutiques is that we pride ourselves in the way we look and present ourselves ” 
” is about being comfortable in your own style . We do limited items , custom designs both local and global, personal tailoring outstanding fabrics and designs”. She added.
Speaking to the publication about her journey she said ” I used to be a manager in a startup real estate company, I received the vest mentoring from the lady I regard as a life sister. It aggravated my hunger to create my own legacy to my taste”
” I went in to poultry and founded “Bird girls” I then relocated to roodepoort so I can bring some life in a small town I had my teenage years in as well as being close to my family”. She expressed.
Her greatest influence would be “I would have to say I admire the one and only bad girl riri as an overall person apart from us being pieces she is always true to herself , fun , business versatile and not to mention mega stylish a girl from a small town who became influential over the years and now amongst the richest self made women in the entertainment industry in a foreign country”.
Ooh.lala Boutique has  a network of in-house designer lines. Currently they have 5 different apparel lines. 
“We do custom orders . We cater for all people on order as well as unisex. We are more towards high street fashion wear.” She said.

When asked about the role of women in the industry she said ” the re I think in life weather men or women barely anything is given and if it requires maintenance .as women or humans we are in one of the greatest era of all time , if you look carefully you will see women are breaking record in all areas of life”.
In conclusion she said : ” I personally think you have to decide what you want and just go for it with everything you is fair In a sense that it’s unfair to all of us.Only you are qualified to bring something unique to the world”. 
We are Ooh.lala_store on Insta Samantha Nandipha Majonga on Facebook email

Duvha says Pray, Work , Impact and influence. Prayer gets everything done!

Communion with God is essential before we can have real communion with our fellow-man.

Easter weekend seem to be perfect timing regardless of the pandemic. One moment with gospel singer Duvha  sharing his plans to his new project is exciting news. Speaking to the publication he confirmed new music and release which will include a live recording in May.

Known for songs from previous album recorded in 2014 which includes “Modimo wabontata rona ” featuring Prophet Keke Phoofolo and lenna Kemmone which was released last year . Other features includes Bishop Louis, the late Petronella Scheepers to name a few.

“Modimo wabontata rona “was immediately added to Gospel accordingly , a radio show rotation which is aired every Sundays on black community radio bcr. This sotho hymn cracked the top 10 sitting at No1 on the charts.

Duvha is a worshiper, a Father, a husband and a business man. His thoughts of what sets him apart from all the other artists? He said ” I’m an Apostolic Psalmist. I am born a worshiper and the Gift in me and my craziness for God makes me stand out”. 

Its believed his music journey started at an early age singing in choirs and funerals. “From there i knew i am called to Worship” “Keke Phoofolo inspires me in so many ways as he has taught me a lot of things concerning music and life in general, so in most of my songs i have featured him”.

He then disclosed his family as his greatest influence. “My Family is my greatest influence because they have been there in most of my journey and they have given me the support i would ever ask for. He added. 

When asked if there’s enough platform for everyone in the industry?  No! i don’t think so. Since this pandemic started a lot has taken place and musicians are not recognized. So when you go out there to do music don’t do it because you don’t have a choice but do it because you are called for that. Your gift shall make room for you”. He sighed !In his conclusion he said ” Pray , Work, Impact and influence. Prayer gets everything done!

Song reviews :  ” This hymns flourishes with a wide array of styles from contemporary love songs to throw-back urban soul to Sunday morning church all held together by Duvha’s unmatched vocal style. 

You can purchase “Modimo wabontata rona ” , ” Lenna Kemmone and more from his previous album on all digital platforms.