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With two Nominations, Voxyzie Bone Is Set to Sweep the MAMA’s and the DIMA’s!

With two Nominations, Voxyzie Bone Is Set to Sweep the MAMA’s and the DIMA’s!

Voxyzie Bone is one of few artist the Mama and DIMA’s  nominated. An artist with talent , style, and a song writing skills . He’s also one of the few producers whom his artists break through in the industry crowded with heavyweights. 

Soweto-Mofolo section born Bongani Dlamini currently resides in katlehong.
” My journey started way back in primary school playing drums for the drilling team , also as a dancer and a soccer player for Kwenele mighty bucks”.
” i was aspired when my parents bought me a keyboard and microphone . At that moment I was inspired to become a musician”. 
” Being where I am today wasn’t easy
for me , it was very hard, I had no studio and studio time were expensive”.
” I had no knowledge on how to distribute my music or how does the industry works. There was no funding of projects , but I fought to record my first EP which gave me direction of my career”. He expressed. 
His greatest influence is drawn from the well known musicians in the entertainment industry.
“People like bone thugs in harmony ,Lil Wayne and  Ace Hood inspired me to pursue rap” . Also House music producers like Dj Call Me ,Bhoju Munju, Dj Maphorisa , Kabza De Small ,Lulo Cafe in terms of House & Amapiano music”. 
The public loves his music because it carries a very powerful love message.
” I can’t  wait for the album to drop in June by My own record label Namanje Dawg Entertainment”
With two Nominations, Voxyzie Bone Is Set to Sweep the MAMA’s and the DIMA’s!

” I’m very excited to be nominated twice at the same time ,This awards proves to me that my work is being recognized, respected,and honored” 
” I’m nominated by Mama21 awards for Best Producers for Sebakanyana (Original Mix) 
Taken from my upcoming album Amapiano Avenue .Second nomination is from Djoocky International music awards Best Producer for Show Me Love (Original Mix) , Taken From my new album Super Gifted Extension Ft Reff Candy. 

you can’t vote for me on Djoocky website or you can download the app and register as a music lover so that you can be able to vote for me , an email is needed to register for voting just follow this direct link :

When asked if artists are given enough platform and attention he said ” We see the same people. New artist pop up after a long time. Theres a lot of talent but less support . Even the government lacks on funding , please stop killing talent”.

In his conclusion he said ” To all upcoming artist You need to focus , hustle hard ,sacrifice and be passionate about Your art . Always make time for your art and learn from others how they push and promote their art, and never give up.
Perfect your work and always be unique in terms of your production, and writing skills so that you can lead people to follow your music. Always take advantage of every opportunity to showcase your craft .
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Nevil’s ’GET IT ‘ showcases his versatility ,writing skills and a great talent!

Nevil’s ’GET IT ‘ showcases his versatility , writing skills and a great talent!

Hailing from the South side with a Diploma in Sound Engineering , 21 year old Nevil is a qualified Sound engineer, Producer and Artist .

Unlike other artists , Nevil is consistent and interact with fans , his charm and adoration comes from his frequent output mixtapes.

 ” i think what makes me stand out I know most artist Focus the music side Only and think they’re on a right track, but you must be a “whole package” Artist, so I don’t see myself as just an artist, I consider myself as a brand and a business man so yeah” . He said.

“I have Performed in several places arround Brammfontein and Jozi,I am also a nominee for the LYD 2018 Awards for Best upcoming artist and I have shared a stage along side Stilo Magolide ,Dj Maphorisa,Rouge, Big Zulu ect. I was also an contestant of Loco Network Celebrity golden room”. He added.

With covid19 as the greatest obstacle per say ” the challenges is going to gigs with only 3 or 8 people, walking at night to gigs, less money for gig or video shoot, but with a strong team, challenges become easier”. He expressed. 

Most rappers who specialize in autotune can either feel unconvincingly boring or are a carbon copy of someone more successful than them, but Nevil has developed own unique and identifiable style. 

 “I started when I was in Matric Grade 12 2016, my friend introduced me to conscious rap, artist like Joey Badass Capital Steez ECT, then I became more interested in writing and acquiring the knowledge they have so I started writing, I can say, their knowledge inspired me, Especially Immortal Technique”. He sighed. 

With Kanye West as his greatest influence he agreed “its because he is a successful Business man, Artist and a creative”.

 Speaking to the publication about his accolades he said “Ready To Eat is one of my best projects so far, it features international and national Producers, Shout out to my boy Dawn, Deeknow, Vista and Svger beats for the production, my boy Perisic and Killuh for the features, the project is Doing very well, I dropped the Deluxe Version of it on SoundCloud, you should go check it out, I dropped visuals for a song titled classic, go check it out on my YouTube, the visuals of “I Get It” are on the way”.
Regardless of what critics say about him, his influence in rap is indisputable. When asked if artists receive enough platform he said “Yep, we are fortunate enough to have Social media, to put yourself out there, if you good enough, then the right people will catch up to it”.

In conclusion he said “Hard work, Consistency and a vision is the way to go!
Catch Nevil on Bcr’s top 10 hits sitting at No.6 #PlayingOnlyTheHits #WednesdayPlaylisting
Listen to Ready To Eat Deluxe, an album by Nevil_SA on #SoundCloud
Instagram : @nevil_sa , Facebook: Nevil Rsa SoundCloud: @nevil_sa

Mindloz the epic says “I’d like to say to everyone out there who is pushing for a better life (GO Hard and Go get it , life is not on our side !

Mindloz the epic says “I’d like to say everyone out there who is pushing for a better life (GO Hard and Go get it , is not on our side !

He’s made his birth name work for the brand. Mandlenkosi Mguni known to his fans as “Mindloz the epic” from Mandla has been causing a commotion in the hood and is now celebrating  a drop of his banger ” dlala kancane” which is now sitting at No.8 of Bcr’s top hits.
” I think for me doing this its like a dream come true , being an artist its not easy , listening to your own music u feel like there’s a lot of mistakes to be corrected  , especially when u pushing yourselves to bring to the public something unique and at the end you get rejected ” . He sighed!

Speaking to the publication about how the public received “dlala kancane” he said ” dlala kancane” simply means “to dance” is out for every one to dance. if u can listen to the rhythm , its Amapiano but more of kwaito which is even taking us back to Amapantsula”. He said.

This hit ” dlala kancane ” featuring Queen P has been a long-awaited collabo. Regardless of the pandemic which has affected everyone across the globe , lindzo have big things planned for 2021.

When asked why did he chose amapiano he said “When istarted recordings in 2020  it was Afro trap and then realized that l can even switch to amapiano”.

” i am going to take the space with this banging hits” Said Mlindzo. 

His greatest influnce is drawn from Vusi Nova and Kwesta ” I have been inspired by Vusi Nova and Kwesta  as u know we are all influenced but you need to be unique, push your legacy and do your thing ” he added.

 With regard to artists been given enough plartfom ” I think at this hard time with Covid19 artists must also be given an opportunity to perform , at the end of the day t we must survive and have something to eat and pay the bills.  We need artists , the country is nothing without music” . He expressed.

In his conclusion he said “I’d like to say to everyone out there who is pushing for a better life (GO Hard and Go get it , life is not on our side!

TO LISTEN TO Mindloz the epic SITTING AT NO 8 ON BCR’s TOP 10 hits here:

facebook: Mindloz the epic

Sugar Levels says “My Journey is Tough , Some well known Artists Stole from me and they Make a fortune of my Craft , that thing Almost Destroyed me!

Sugar Levels says “My Journey is Tough , Some well known Artists Stole from me and they Make a fortune of my Craft , that thing Almost Destroyed me!

Sometimes life feels like it’s getting the better of us. We can feel knocked back , pushed down and left behind. Covid19 got to the entertainment industry more than any other sector . It is in imperative that we must seek the strength of our inner power. We need to get used to the new normal and adhere to restrictions and rules in order to overcome this struggles. 

We spoke to one of the country’s freshest , unique singing sensations and a song write whom beloved to have found his sound. His music speaks a tale of Love and Family. 

It’s level1 of S.A Lockdown , so Black community radio spoke with singer and songwriter , Sugar Levels . He’s got new jam in rotation in week 25 of Bcr’s hits sitting at no 7.
He’s been in the industry for over a decade and in that time he’s been writing love songs that have rekindled old flames , kept love alive and have given some hope that they will find love someday, however this great talent was flushed and left in vain.
“My Journey is Tough , Some well known Artists Stole from me and they Make a fortune of my Craft , that thing Almost Destroyed me! 

“My journey Started at the age of 5 ,  i used to mimic the legendary  LUCK DUBE  and JOE NINA ” the Kuyabanda singer says.
“My greatest influence was MANDOZA( MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE) because he was a living proof that one can be a Shining Star Or a SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS PERSON even If you Are Not EDUCATED ,  IF you CAN JUST FOCUS IN LIFE “. He sighed.

“I’m Coming from the  Family Of 4  I’m the 1st Born at home At the same time I’m a FATHER OF 1 And I’m Expecting Another 1child late this Year “.

In this project he featured his “homie” Encore who is also a vocalist and a producer. “Yhoo The Public REALLY LOVE MY SONG TOO MUCH ESPECIALLY Here in JOHANNESBURG And It’s a BLESSING TO ME”.

When asked if upcoming artists are getting enough platform he said “YES  and NO – Because Some People they like NEW Music and they Ready to Give Support to New Artists whereas Some Prefer us to Sound Exactly like Someone they know so for me it’s Yes and No “.

In his conclusion he said ” BELIEVE IN YOUR CRAFT and Plz Don’t Copy No One just Keep it Simple DO YOU ALL THE TIME!
Get Sugar Levels Music on +27 63 700 7498 or directly from Tom Passion products page on facebook.
And also listen to Bcr’s top 10 hits week 26 here :

RocFuzeh: “I normally play with my partner calling her “STUFUZAH” so I guess I was just thinking about her during the recording”.

RocFuzeh: “I normally play with my partner calling her “STUFUZAH” so I guess I was just thinking about her during the recording”.

Studies have shown that using pet names in a relationship could strengthen it.Whether a classic “baby” or more unique term of endearment, pet names are divisive!
Its believed couples who use affectionate names for each other are apparently more likely to have a strong relationship. We managed to get Caiphus Nyuswa’s view in this regard.

Affectionately known to his peers and fans as “Rocfuzeh”  has released his brand new single entitled “Stufuzah” which then translate to “thick women”.
“I normally play with my partner calling her STUFUZAH so I guess I was just thinking about her during the recording”.  He said.
Speaking to the publication  about his new baby ” STUFUZAH ” , Nyuswa says” the song was supposed to have 3 different artists  singing in Vhenda and  South Sotho  as we were planning with my Producer DJ DAVIC of Masana Records cause it was more about the love song ; just when I was about to conclude the lyrics on the mic I just continue  saying STUFUZAH hai STUFUZAH , angifuni isilander …

And this change the song dimension as you noticed we only used it at the end of the song we did not change or arrange anything;  He expressed. 
What makes him stand out from other artists he said “I am true to my music not competing and I can do all kinds of music. I am spending lot of time writing music and creating different beats”. 
It’s believed his musical journey was influenced by his father , the legendary and south africa’s Bassist Sipho Gumede.
“My father is a pastor and when I was young I use to listen to his music and church  group when they were singing Ezion ” he added.
“I’ve always loved to listen to my father’s voice and the spiritual part of him use to make me think  about God”. 
“He had a unique sound and I will try to analysis his music and keeps my days easy even when I had bad day”.
“Horizonleap is always behind me even if I am disappointed with my lyrics; 
King DJ DAVIC – he always say do more songs I am sure we have about 100 songs in his PC . We done all kinds of music Gospel; Culture .. I remember in December 2020 I was very sick but he made a song with me to encourage my ability as a musician”. He expressed.
His response to platforms given to the creatives he said “I do not think so ; our local industry platform does not allow new or upcoming artists to explore unless you affiliated with very famous recordings companies, BCR is probably one of the greatest ideas that allow some of unknown artists to explore; We did a song Last year called Bekezela it’s played more international than local But it’s isZulu  than you wonder what happened to our local platforms.

In his conclusion he said “Do music because you love it and believe in yourself; don’t be controlled by circumstances of society. Your love of music should be inspired by yourself .

Listen to RocFuzeh on Bcr’s top 10 hits week 25 #level1salockdown #SaturdayPlaylisting sitting at no 8 here :
Music also available on Apple Music Store; Spotify; Deezer and Amazon .

King Mbizo’ s ”Uthando” Debuts at No.10 on Bcr’s Top 10 hits Charts!

King Mbizo’ ‘Uthando’ Debuts at No.10 on Bcr’s Top 10 hits Charts.

Goodwill Mbizo finally became a talk of the town with his songs ranging from introspection to celebratory. We find out more about what has made him a creative songwriter and vocalist.
 Known to his peers and fans as King Mbizo, his recent jam  “Uthando”  is currently rotating in Bcr’s top 10 hits , week 25 sitting at no 9 of the charts.
“Wow I just notice it now 🙏 thank you guys ..I really appreciate it 🔥💿🔥.. it’s safe to have you on my back”. Said Mbizo. 

These days, love has become a trend amongst teens and youngsters. It is taught and presented in front of children in the senseless direction. For some reasons, real love is mistaken in many aspects. 
” kwesinye isikhathi uzithola uthanda umuntu ikanti yena uthanda omunye umuntu ”   translate to “At times we love people who are in love with other people” he expressed. 
Speaking to the publication he said “indaba yomuculo iqale nje ngosakhula bengithi uma ngimamela iyngoma banye abaculi bengiba naleya i bengizbona ngikulelo zinga ..ngingasho ngithi umculi engimkhonze kakhulu ngumthanden” translate to ” my journey in music journey started at an early age . I believe influnce was drawn from the legendary and also from Berita”. He added.
He shared how much he miss getting sweaty on stage , reminiscing about pre-COVID days going out to performances. He mentioned his other single still to come entitled “Baby daddy”  he said “Obaba abanengi baphika iyingane zingaka zalwa bekuthi sezikhulile bayeza bavume ukuth ingane ngezabo” Which translate to  “men who deny their flesh and blood and eventually admit when the child is older “. 

He brought back a fusion of Maskandi and Amapiano with “ihali hali ” featuring Pollet set to launch on the 21st of May.
Mbizo says he’s always dreamed big, but never imagined fame would come so soon.
 “I knew one day I was going to be famous , I just didn’t know it would happen so soon”. He sighed.

Listen to King Mbizo’s “Uthando” sitting at no 9 on Bcr’s top week 25 here :::

Facebook:KingMbizo Twitter@kingmbizo Instagram@mbizoking

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Pella village’s Lerato Lefiri says “No matter how many times I fall I still rise and shine again”!

Pella village’s Lerato Lefiri says “No matter how many times I fall I still rise and shine again”.

There is an inner beauty about a woman who believes in herself, who knows she is capable of anything that she puts her mind to. There is a beauty in the strength and determination of a woman who follows her.

Amongst all women we’ve spoken to there’s one of a kind in Northwest Rustenburg PellaVillage . Lerato lefiri , the 30-year-old beauty queen said she feel so much more pleasure now that she is an ambassador for Mr and Miss North which is underway on the 25th of September. 

Speaking to the publication  , the Vibrant , kind , Trustworthy and Gorgeous Lefiri has opened up about how she struggled in her career and is now paving a way to help Village hopefuls realise their dreams.

”No matter how many times I fall I still rise and shine again” she said.

‘’ I have realized that theres no platforms and resources in the rural areas, one need to go to joburg and few comes back in one piece because of women and child trafficking stories ‘ she added.

‘’I believe Mr & Mrs North modelling agency which was established this year 2021,  we saw a need since theres a lot of us who are interested in modelling career,so I give them a chance to prove themselves’’..

‘’we appeal to the local business to join hands and invest in this initiative to help us realize this dream’’. she expressed.

Inauguration of Mr and Miss North will be held on 25 September 2021 at Mmaletlhogela show ground at Rusternburg (Pella village). What make her stand out from all her peers is her personality , good attitude towards other people , body shape , her boldness, presentation and her strength!

In her conclusion she said “PERSEVERANCE MAKES A WOMAN,if u want to achieve or reach your goal in your  career , you need to know that the journey of thousands miles begins with a ‘’single step” work hard for what belongs to you!

Registrations FEE @ R100 for MR AND MISS NORTH 2021 Contact MR AND MISS NORTH MODELLING AGENCY ON WHATTSAPP 084 408 1719