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Vigo’s gospel award winning Lebo Matumba picks her Godly entourage to “feed your soul and stomach!

Vigo’s gospel award winning Lebo Matumba picks her entourage to “feed your soul and stomach!

Vigo’s gospel award winning Lebo Matumba picks her entourage to “feed your soul and stomach!

Gospel musicians can be prone to false modesty or putting their achievements down to whatever spiritual energy is currently trending . There is none of that with LEBO MATUMBA.

Matumba’s musical journey started at a tender age of thirteen and has always wanted to pursue a career in the gospel music industry. As she grew up, her exquisite voice became known to many and landed her roles in theatre productions such as ‘Jungle book’ and ‘Icamagu’ playing lead roles.

Born in free State ficksburg , she got married to Mzwandile Taylor Matumba . She eventually Launched ‘setshabelo saka’ s live dvd in 2019 at Bloemfontein Civic Theatre featuring Bongi ILahlo , Mbulelo Dashe , Mañana Ramongae, and Prophet K.C Clifford.  This hit ‘SETSHABELO ‘ IS ON ROTATION SITTING AT NO 8. Of Bcr’s hits .

 A south African Vigo award winning gospel artist Lebo Matumba Picks her Godly entourage that includes  Malehlokwa “Maleh” , Thoko Nogabe ,Victor Gideon, Sipho Thola , Lerato Auctavia , Kelebogile Nkgabane, Anathi Mnyakeni ,Madame Mamickey ,Tsusi Ntshetho to mention a few in a mission to feed the “soul and the stomach ” . The aim of the event is to lend a helping hand in a form of donations of clothes, food  and shoes to deserving community. Matumba is aiming to turn the event into an annual event which will help people in need.

Lebo Matumba’s Feed your soul Feed a stomach is set for the 21st of August . It is treated as a Women’s worship night but men are also invited.

The ticket is R250 and it comes with a Buffett at the Bon hotel.

Theme: grey and white for men and Pink and white for Women. 

Time: 16h00pm – 22h00pm

To listen to Matumba’s sensational voice and performances, follow her on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter at Lebo Matumba. Community members who want to get on board or help with donations or sponsorship, can call or WhatsApp Matumba on 078 445 1302

Annora says”BASADI WEE” You don’t have to put up with abuse’, ‘Get help’, ‘Leave’ and ‘There is a better life out there than where you are’!

Annora says”BASADI WEE” You don’t have to put up with abuse’, ‘Get help’, ‘Leave’ and ‘There is a better life out there than where you are’!

51% of women in SA say they’ve experienced Gender Based Violence , with 76% of men saying they’ve perpetrated GBV at one stage in their lives . A similar study revealed that one in five women report that they have experienced violence at the hands of a partner.

Born in Mpumalamga Moloto , Annora whose real name is “Annah Ratsela” released her hit single “Baba ka Thandiwe” and has enjoyed much rotation on streaming platforms thus far.

Debut at No.10 and now sitting at No.1 of the official Bcr’s top 10 hits.

Her journey started at a tender age of 3 .”

“I started singing when I was still in primary and used to do monotony break during debates. I would jump onto stage and start singing “. She sighed.

The song according to Annora, speaks of domestic violence and abuse a love commitment that one makes to their partner in both good and bad times.

Recorded at PMG Players Music Group . With other jams such as Incwad’ encane, Eduze kwakho ,Nomakanjani and Lenyalo.

She draws her greatest influence from a social ill’s activist Bruce Sithole.

With her message directed purely for the victims of abuse she says “BASADI WEE” You don’t have to put up with abuse’, ‘Get help’, ‘Leave’ and ‘There is a better life out there than where you are’.

Get Annora’s Baba ka Thandiwe promo video here :

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KingMbizo launches “Uthando”.

Zimbabwean born-South African -Thembisa based recording artist KingMbizo is releasing his latest debut album  ‘Uthando’ off of his upcoming album ‘Uthando’ – releasing on the 31st of July . The track is the first to be featured in his upcoming album and is a 7-track complete album.
Known popularly for his hit single “Ihalihali”  that topped Bcr’s top charts rotating week in and out , his new single is a love jam and one that stays true to a traditional KingMbizo’s Maskandi sound.
The song basically speaks of love relations where one would  engage in a relationship knowing their affection is far from the partner they have.
“It’s expressing how one can fool another in a relationship , they stay in gain of something they only know “. Said KingMbizo .

Listen to Top 10 sit

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The Brawl Invades The Top Charts With “Suit & Tie” Also founded Fresh From Kasi House Of Brands!

The Brawl Invades  The ToP Charts With “Suit & Tie” Also founded Fresh From Kasi House Of Brands! 

Shaking Mzantsi Africa’s  music scene for the first time in vengeance and taking Kasi Rap to another level- Simphiwe Shipyana known to his peers and fans as ” The Brawl” is releasing his hot new single “Suit & Tie” which landed him in week 29 rotation sitting at no 10.

Listen to The Brawl’s “Suit & Tie” debut on Bcr’s official trending charts here:

Born and raised in Katlehong but currently lives with his family in Palmridge Ekurhuleni.He has 3 siblings, two younger brothers and a sister.
“l started doing music at the age of 15 and have been involved in organizing small music events for upcoming local artists in and around Katlehong” Said The Brawl.

He is a founder & owner of Fresh From Ekasi House Of Brands (Pty)(Ltd) which believed to caters for his clothing/apparel and is in partnership with Namanje Dawg Entertainment in terms of his music brand.

The Brawl has worked with DJ Malefactor, Voxyzie Bone, Stokswit, Gaba Cannal, Sir Bigger, Tuxido and he has shared stages with De Mthuda, Kwiish SA, D.O.G, Prince Shadow, MFR Souls & Turbo no Seven among other artists.

He is currently working on his first EP and he has released a single named Suit & Tie taken from the EP. Now on this current project he has worked with Voxyzie Bone, Dry Beats and King D. The EP is a long awaited project since he released a collaboration mixtape with Voxyzie Bone in 2014.

Song review : Throughout the entire “Suit & Tie”, The Brawl continues to let his fans know he’d once been homeless and survived on mom’s government’s aid and now he’s extremely grateful to be able to live his dreams and take care of those he loves.

Although still at the peak of his career he urges one to “spend less of what you’ve got and let your money grow” . Suit & Tie is a body of work that is easily digestible. It’s about business side of Music ” making money” per say.

King BOP’s “hit me up”, Aim For The” Number 1 spot on Bcr’s Official Top 10 hits Chart.❤️

King BOP’s “hit me up”, Aim For The” Number 1 spot on Bcr’s Official Top 10 hits Chart.❤️

King Bop is Zimbabwean born – Soweto based fastest-rising vocalist and a rapper . His latest release “Hit me up” tops Bcr’s  charts, landing him with the #1 spot on Black community radio rotating for four consecutive weeks. 
Listen to King Bop’s “hit me up” featuring NexVocals sitting at No.1 here lovers and fans have been clamoring to hear more hits.
“I use to listen to Hip Hop a lot , that’s where I started to feel like yeah this thing is good, why dont I give it a try and see if I can do it ,that’s where I started looking for people with better knowledge of music that’s when I met a guy called Nex vocals . We then started getting studio equipment and started to record songs”. He expressed.
“My greatest  influence was Juice World I use to listen a lot of his songs lyk they were healing me emotionally”. He said.
“Now m working on an Album called “Love and Challenges ” m featuring few artists including Nex vocals and Nellz Mellow,, so far I haven’t realised any new singles except a feature with Nex Vocals song called “Hit me up ” he added.
When asked if artists get enough platforms he said “They’re not ,  it’s all about connections,  lyk who u are and what have u done for them not about your craft or how good u  are , it’s like u have to lose something to get where u wanna be”. He sighed. 
In his conclusion he said ” Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions”.

Hear Jay Jay Slee Soar on Stunning New Song “Kumnyama”on the top hits charts!

Hear Jay Jay Slee Soar on Stunning New Song “Kumnyama”on the top hits charts!

Sitting at no 3 of the Bcr’s top 10 hits, Nongoma singer and songwriter Jay Jay Slee has returned with a banger and new anthem, “Kumnyama ”. The track boasts another powerhouse vocals from Jay Jay Slee.

It marks her first top hit song since 2013 , when she released a six-track EP which includes tracks such as Mamgobhozi, Yiyo lento ofunayo, Udali Wami, Father God, 4 ever to mention a few.

Last year she met Voxyzie Bone who worked with her as her producer .
” I have started making music in 2013 because i was inspired by the late “Lebo Mathosa ” may her Soul rest in peace”. She said.
” the love and passion for music kept burning inside me so I decided to start writing my own till I met with Voxyzie Bone , that’s when people started recognising my potential” . She added.

“I was called “Boni” before I became “Jay Jay Slee” and I used to be short tempered , person who like to fight and always in trouble”. She expressed.
When asked about the challenges she came across in the industry she said ” The biggest challenge was not finding the right producers for my music and also being mislead by people’s opinions on how should I do my music, Also not being payed for my performances”. “My frastrations was not being playlisted by other radio stations.
 “In the song “Kumnyama” i express my feelings communicate with God and my ancestors because things where not going well”. She expressed.  
“The beat was produced by Voxyzie Bone and I’m the one who wrote the song”.
The public received it well its even playlisted on Soundofazania

When asked if women are being given enough platform she expresses “I don’t  believe so, because male artist achieve more opportunities than females”. 
In conclusion she said ” To all female artists please don’t giveup no matter how hard the situation is,  believe in yourself and your work.