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Zero4’s “Seventeen” is due before his B-Day!

Zero4’s  “Seventeen” is due before his B-Day!
Mbuso Bohlale Mabuya is a 16-year-old high-school learner from Lenasia south of Johannesburg . His journey started in church at an early age and is now influenced by 
Young stunna!

“I started singing at the age of 6 years when i was influenced by Keke a well known Gospel singer and now Young Stunna does the most for me “. He expressed. 
Known to his peers and fans as Zero4 and has plans to take the world by storm. Zero4 shared his Ep underway entitled “SEVENTEEN”.
Speaking to the publication he confirmed the release before his birthday on the 11th of September. From jus a listen session, this Ep will be making waves across SA and the world. This with
tracks such as The Bag ( featuring S.T Washie & Chaos), paradise featuring Soulistic exodus, sthandwa sami and Chuck Norris.
In conclusion he said  “You can do anything you put your mind to, anything is possible if you believe, the sky is the limit. You can do it black child” .

Facebook:Bo Hla Le

Memaawards is back to celebrate a decade!

Memaawards is back to celebrate a decade!

CBBC Media House (PTY) LTD is a multi-media company with core business being production, promotions, distributions, publishing, artists and events management.
It operates its headquarters from Shop No1, Golden West Building, in Klerksdorp, North West province.

It’s believed as a licensed music publisher/distributor registered with the South African Music Rights Organization (SAMRO), CBBC distributes music audio and videos to radio and television platforms for play listing , upload online for streaming and download. 

CBBC monitors and keeps record of movement and overall rotations of each song on a day to day basis. Playlists and all records are collected from radio, television and online streaming statistics to be used as part of the nomination process. Artists will be required to attend music workshops, promotional events, do radio, magazine, newspaper and television interviews as part of the publicity and exposure. 
A nomination committee which comprises  of music executives , radio and television compilers, and artists is elected with a task of deciding the final category and nomination list.
It’s understood artist would be invited to attend the nomination night which is scheduled for the 24th September 2021 at a venue to be announced. Each nominated artist would be allocated a voting code to promote for votes for a specific time. 
Winners would be announced in December 2021 at the main event on a date and venue to be announced at the nomination night in September.

Requirements for Submission:
1. Hard Copy CD/DVD with original cover Front: Name of Artist (Group) and Song (Album)Back:  Name(s) of the song(s) and featured artist(s), Producer(s),            Record Label & location of studios Contact details
Send mp3 format song, artwork and a complete artist profile to and artists are encouraged to follow developments of social media Facebook: MEM Awards Twitter: AwardsMem YouTube: CBBCTV  
2. Music must be properly mastered (High Quality) or it will not be considered for air play

*NB: When music passes quality check test
(a) Artist must fill in the attached application form with his/her personal details, artist details and banking details including a copy of a certified copy of ID.*This gives CBBC Media House rights to distribute music/videos to various TV/Radio stations in an effort to make playlist and collect royalties from SAMRO*To distribute music/videos on various online outlets.*To enter music awards.

Cbbc Media DITSHEGO:
Issued by Cbbc Media
Facebook: Memaawards Twitter@awardsmem Instagram@MEM_Awards21

RietVallei’s Hit-Mater SushiNator says “Being in an industry of sharks and a lot of conmans is a huge challenge that we face as independent artist”.

RietVallei’s Hit-Mater SushiNator says “Being in an industry of sharks and a lot of conmans is a huge challenge that we face as independent artist”.

Born and bred from the dusty streets of RietVallei Extension 2 & 3 located in the West of Johannesburg near Kagiso. SA-raised Amapiano star SuShiNator has officially released his hard-hitting new single “Monateng” which debut at No.10 of Bcr’s top 10 Hits!

SushiNator ; whose real name is Thabo Shoshi , his greatest influence is from the likes of Focalistic , Zuma ,25K and Fake Love.
” i got the influenced by their lyrical content because they’re aspirational and encourage us to take this sound to the world #Piano to Lefatshe” He said.

He recently had a chat with the publication about his EP entitled “LocalAnthem” 
” This EP serves 3 Hits to my fans which comprises of “Monateng” , Njengezinye Ingane and Blackchild.Lately I’ve been in the studio working on some singles that will drop as an appreciation for the EP. He added.
It’s understood his journey is so far so good but a bit slow because of not enough exposure.
“Being in an industry of sharks and a lot of conmans is a huge challenge that we face as independent artist , reason being they want to exploit us because we are from the hood and another challenge is being in an unprivileged hood unlike upcoming artists in Soweto or Diepkloof and Katlegong not forgetting Alex are booming fast”.

“It all started at school while i was doing my grade 11 i used dance and freestyle for my mates and one day another class mate booked me to be an (Amapiano) Mcee for his event and i got positive feedback from people and that’s when i noticed that this is where i belong along side my DJ Santiago SA and choreographer Masternator”. He sighed.
His music is accessible on the following digital media links .

Piano to lefatshe
Listen to 01.MONATENG.mp3 by Sushinator on #SoundCloud
 Listen to 02.NJENGEZINYE INGANE.mp3 by Sushinator on #SoundCloud
 Listen to 03.BLACKCHILD.mp3 by Sushinator on #SoundCloud

 Shuu as Referred by his peers and fans is an influential and versatile artist hoping to learn  positive things from giants in the industry.
” I believe I can be an inspiration to many children in the hood”. 

” i jus need to strive and bang on the doors because if you don’t bang on the doors they won’t open”.
In his conclusion he said ” Stay true to yourself and no negative vibes”.

Mamsie Ndlalani’s revisits the mirror speaks to say “many women came out to say me too , how do I get out “?

Mamsie Ndlalani’s revisits the mirror speaks to say “many women came out to say me too , how do I get out “?

What makes her stand out from all women of her caliber , that’s her strength!

” I was inspired by the the death of so many women at the hands of their partners. The pain that Rape victims are going through, depression and suicide. I remember well one young woman who survived rape that I was counseling she wanted to castrate her son, because he reminded her of the rapist” . She said.

“I want to tell my story of victory from my past pains in order to help them heal. That there’s an open door waiting for them to walk in” . She added.

Speaking to the publication about The response from the public regarding her book she said ” The response from the public is very positive and amazing. They are buying the book both old and young”.

This book have opened doors for her on all platforms which include television , radio , digital and print media.

“I’ve received so many positive feedback. The most surprising one was from a male who told me that reading the book made him realized that what he thought was normal because his father did it, that is, beating her moter has now realized that it is domestic violence and he is prepared to attend counseling and he has stopped”.

So many women came out to say me too, how can I get out?

“Knowing that I have changed someone’s life’s perception through the book made me felt the urge to help them more. It led to the revival of WEMANDLA my NPO. I’m more busy now helping more than 200 women and children. I even have a whatsApp group where I advice, counsel and help. I work with all relevant stakeholders. She expressed.

I’m so happy to God for letting me change people’s lives. She sighed!

She also tackles her Documentary Film Recording:

“The recording has already been done. The plan is to encourage women to speak about their painful experiences and to hear my story. The editors are busy editing the documentary after that we are going to send it to different media houses and try to get a deal with them”

“This is a safe space for women to talk and get guidance. We are planning to take it to film festivals and screen it through the country”

Her invitation to Ghana cultural exhange

“I feel really honoured and highly privileged that I will be addressing the tourists about the book. People should expect a workshop that will take them through real life journey of pain that could not hold down a black woman with great dreams. I want to take them through victory that led me to realize the biggest dream I’ve ever dreamed off”

Above everything else I want to sensitized them about the issues of Gender Based Violence and domestic violence.

Her message to tourist she said ” Violence against women and children is destructive, strips women of their self esteem. It leads to depression and suicide”

In her conclusion she said ” Men need to love and treat women with respect. Also support and encourage them to dream and live their dreams. Because we are all born for a purpose in life , so Let’s live our purpose”.

Vigo’s gospel award winning Lebo Matumba picks her Godly entourage to “feed your soul and stomach!

Vigo’s gospel award winning Lebo Matumba picks her Godly entourage to “feed your soul and stomach!

Gospel musicians can be prone to false modesty or putting their achievements down to whatever spiritual energy is currently trending . There is none of that with Lebo Matumba.

Matumba’s musical journey started at a tender age of thirteen and has always wanted to pursue a career in the gospel music industry . As she grew up, her ‘exquisite voice’ became known to many and landed her roles in theatre productions such as ‘Jungle book’ and ‘Icamagu’ playing lead roles.

Born in free State ficksburg , she got married to Mzwandile Taylor Matumba .She eventually Launched ‘setshabelo saka’ s live dvd in 2019 at Bloemfontein Civic Theatre featuring Bongi ILahlo , Mbulelo Dashe , Manana Ramongae and Prophet K.C Clifford.  This hit ‘Setshabelo ‘ is currently on rotation sitting at No.8 of Bcr’s top hits.

 Vigo award winning gospel artist Lebo Matumba picks her Godly entourage wisely with stars such as Malehlokwa “Maleh” , Thoko Nogabe ,Victor Gideon, Sipho Thola , Lerato Auctavia , Kelebogile Nkgabane, Anathi Mnyakeni ,Madame Mamickey ,Tsusi Ntshetho to mention a few . This to lend a helping hand in a form of donations of clothes, food  and shoes to deserving community.

Lebo Matumba’s Feed your soul Feed a stomach is set to take place on the 21st of August . It is treated as a Women’s worship night but men are also invited.

The ticket is R250 and it comes with a Buffett at the Bon hotel. Theme: grey and white for men and Pink and white for Women. Time: 16h00pm – 22h00pm

To listen to Matumba’s sensational voice and performances, follow her on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter@Lebo Matumba. Community members who want to get on board or help with donations or sponsorship, can call or WhatsApp Matumba on 078 445 1302.

Listen to LEBO ‘s “setshabelo” o the charts here