Anora’s “Baba ka Thandiwe” tackles abuse and is set for cultural exchange in Ghana.

Anora’s “Baba ka Thandiwe” tackles abuse and is set for cultural exchange in Ghana.

Anora’s “Baba ka Thandiwe” tackles abuse and is set for cultural exchange in Ghana. 

Photographs by Inkwankwa Media

The scars from any kind of abuse can be as deep and long-lasting as wounds from punches or slaps but are often not as obvious. 
In an actual fact , talking from experience women who have experienced violence from a partner, half or more report that the man’s emotional abuse is what is causing them the greatest harm.
Afro soul sensation Anora releases her promo video produced by Inkwankwa Media for her single entitled ” Baba ka Thandiwe.

Dressed by Ooh.lala Boutique & Styled by E.D

Born in limpopo the curious, insightful, and passionate Anora is currently employed at Master of the High court.

Dresses by W69 and Ohh lala boutique and styled by E.D , Anora sets a gripping scene with raw emotion. The intro speaks volumes of truth that pushes the underlying issue of abuse in a relationship and yet stays loyal to the abuser.

The single describes  everyday struggles as well as societal struggles. From love and relationship to domestic violence. ANORA unleash a compelling blend of vocals and lyricism hopeful to ignite a  “Stop Women abuse” campaign  . 

Speaking to the publication Anora said ” when I write my songs I focus more into LOVE-LIFE OR RELATIONSHIPS and the abuse happening in relationships”.
“As a public figure I guess it’s imperative that we teach young men how to treat a women”. She said.
“I am very observant and I like to experience and learn new things in order to reinforce my capabilities. In sort I am a curious type. “. She sighed!

“My EP consist of 5 love songs that will melt your heart and push you to fall in love all over again”. She added. 


Dressed by W69 , Ooh.lala Boutique & Styled by E.D

Anora will be shooting “Baba ka Thandiwe”s official music video as well as to embark into joining cultural exchange set for Ghana on the 24th till the 29th June.
In her conclusion she said ” Message I’d love to give aspiring woman is that they must not give up in their dreams and they must believe in what they doing, be willing to work hard, till the Top”. 

She is available for interviews . Enjoy the listen/watch Anora ‘s “Baba ka Thandiwe” 

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