Eindo nominated for Three BEA’s at the 2nd Annual Black Entertainment Awards.

If you listen closely to his lyrics of his brand new single entitled  “They love me , he says “In limpopo they call me lepara, my peeps in soweto they call me scoco, boyz in the zanga they call me don dada, my homies in Lagos they call me baba Agba”.

This hit single “They love me ” stood 2 weeks in a row at no 10 and eventually took no 1 spot of Bcr top 10 hits.
  “I am very thankful that your platform has found my music worthy of the number 1 spot , this means a lot to me and  I promise to keep making good music”. He sighed. 

Celebrating three BEA nominations, one in the Best Artist which he swept in 2019 , Best Influencer and Best music video Category with his song “Too Fresh ” featuring Lova . These three  nominations will make Eindo a four time BEA nominee.

Nigerian born- South african rapper has now shared his reaction to the news. 

“I am very humbled and motivated and am greatful for the recognition I am inspired to work even harder ” he added .

When asked about how Covid 19 affected him and moving forward, he said : “The pandemic has taught us so much about life . I’d say I will come out of it a better person , I’d say it was an opportunity for me to go through a phase of self development and coming out of it God willing a better and a more focused person”. He concluded.


A Star is born : Sara Kellita Daniel sings Alexandra Burke ‘s Halleluya at the 2020 BEA’s.

In order to advance our objectives, we have organized the first ever Girl Child live performance.

A 10 year old Sara Kellita Daniel will be performing her rendition of Alexandra Burke’ s “Halleluya ” At The 2nd Annual Black Entertainment Awards BEA. This after BEA’s committee introduces Face of the brand.
“I feel so blessed by God and I know I will shine on that day” She said . 

Several of the most successful models , includes Karima Hamoudi, Simphiwe Papa, Charmaine Chingono, AppleGreen, Thabang Madisha and Lebogang Mokganya , this models have developed enormous followings via social media, which catapults them from fame to celebrated BEA’s Finalists. This category is made possible by Kelstar Records , an independent record label.

This top 6 hopefuls will be lead by Sara Kellita Daniel’s command in song to strut their stuff in harmony at this prestigious awards.

With regard to the massage to her peers she said :”Never give up on your dreams and always believe in God” . She Expressed .

The youngest star amongst BEA’s performers , aspired by the Gorgeous Queen of Song “Kelstar” with her powerful voice and her dream is to be a musician.
” i want to be a Singer like my Mom I love my moms music and her voice and she believes in me” She concluded.

SikhulaNolwazi’s Lerato Maake tells her tale at 2020 BEA’s

Other BEA’s performances include SikhulaNolwazi theatre group ‘s Lerato Maake. Her love for the arts started at SikhulaNolwazi theatre production under the directorship of Themba Nkwanyana.

Its understood this community based organization celebrates 9 years of existence , it’s focus is on art as a way of reducing the number of teenage pregnancy , drug addiction as well as crime.

She explained “I didn’t know where to go nor to start in order to be where I want to be until I was introduced to Skhulanolwazi and I believe that’s where I was groomed and many opportunities came”. She expressed. 

Optimistic , bubbly and passionate young lady sees her mother as her greatest influence. 

“My mom is passionate about everything and never gives up, she’s a God fearing woman and always committed to making her two girls happy”. She said.

Sharing from her journey and greatest highlights in her career she said.

“This is not only about making money and being known but to give back to the community because I believe that one’s success is a key to help others”. 

Covid19 has been a stumbling block to established and upcoming creatives for 5 consecutive months and now lockdown restrictions has been eased. 
“Its been hard , we had to shut down all our activities and rehearsals , but now that we have a chance of pulling up, we’re determined to work hard and keep pushing”. She added.
Lerato has been selected for BEA’s to recite from her poem “I am an african”, with inspiration drawn from the country’s setbacks and how we survived as the nation. 
“To be honest I am both excited and nervous at the same time.I feel very honored to be selected for an opening act and I take it as an opportunity to show my talents”. She concluded.

Bailie refuses to suffer in silence

When it comes to sexuality , career journey and health matters, Kgauhelo Bailie has always been an open book—wide open.

In his recent interview  , he explained why mental illness is like an Omen to him. 
“I’ve suffered with Anxiety for almost a year and now it’s time to open up” he said. 
Apart from his advocacy in the Lgbtiq community, he confirmed that he has been living with Anxiety and has been going through treatment process.

” It’s been a very strenuous month or even a year that i ddn’t even expect”
“I’d like to encourage those who are suffering that it shall come to pass. He expressed.

He Quoted from Naledi Morema ” learn to dance in a rain because it won’t rain forever”
Off quote: We should embrace our trials and tribulations , some things we don’t turn to deal with them the same way we do “
He added : “our different rains and storms make us who we are, it grooms the sand within our skins, and it teaches us what didn’t come to an end it’s an omen” we are going to heal” everything it’s going to be alrite to everyone of us eventually, prior to us thinking that healing is something that is evident , ongoing process and it doesn’t end here” he sighed.

When he was asked to share his dreams and how did he realised them.
He said “Media personality and yet a lawyer” “its weird ” he said.
His love for media started by attending  media gigs and peagants and some of them don’t even pay” Said Bailie.
“I came across face of BCR and became second Prince, I started presenting on bcr and other local radio doing voice overs and presenting youth slot, update on what’s happening on the streets, also sabc1 behind the scenes of upcoming show learning about production”. He added.
His greatest influence would be Vusi Thembekwayo . “Vusi is a Debator , motivational speaker, determined, ideal person that embodies africanism and articulate in a western way”. He said.
His plans Beyond covid 19 is to host a social market with artists and clothing brands.
He also spoken about his Challenges and how he overcomed.
“financial crisis , at times Wil have auditions but wouldn’t go due to financial constraints”.

 ” I came up with a plan opened a business for food ” Bailie bites” sweet foods and savoury and its been going well, have been making money from that…in case auditions pop up I’ll be able to go” Said Bailie.
After he hosted a successful Khathu seminar last weekend , he will be amongst the presenters at the BEA 2020 .

He described BEA “It’s actually the best and empowering to see black arts being celebrated ” he concluded.

See Cruz Afrika’s “Shaka Zulu” blazing live at 2020 BEA’s.

It’s not often with a guy who’s been there done that and gone on to become a famous rapper, actor, influencer and entrepreneur — and his story isn’t automatically ring-around-the-rosy.

Born and bred in the dusty streets of taung (mokasa 2) a platinum province in the north west that has produced many successful musicians and actors in the industry. He grew up in soweto to fulfill his studies and mission to be become an icon.

Tshepo Modise eventually got his big break into the industry an an early age as a dancer , choreographer and hype man for established musicians such as Zola 7, stoan Seete from bongo maffin fame and jub jub . He then had a few feature with Emtee , red button Maraza to name a few.
In 2015 he released “bana ba” which features multi-award winning Emtee, red button , Kay E and Bruno from Etv’ s Rhythm city with over 250 000 downloads and 500.000 views combined achievements.

Affectionately known by his peer and fans as Cruz Afrika , founded a PR company Afrika hotlines, which sees upcoming artist’s welfare on the mainstream.
Beyond covid 19 will be launching a cell phone App “unsigned talent tv” which is already on google play stores . He is a brand ambassador for 2 influencer companies and will officially announce his endorsement deal with 3 main brands.

He will be launching “half of me”, a much anticipated Ep , promotes side chick and Buya which tops the charts of Bcr’s hits three weeks in a row. 
He realised a reality show “reaction with Cruz Afrika” and appearance on a new movie Bhuti madlisa 3 including local movie which will be aired on dstv Mzantsi movies.

A Sama 25th award nominee 2019 and currently BEA nominee for best Artist , best Influencer and best music video for “Buya” which features the legendary Zola 7.

He will be performing at 2020 BEA’s , hit single “Shaka Zulu” .
“Shaka Zulu is a hip hop heavy weight song with African Zulu elements although it’s a song created to capture what the iconic South African legend represents” and as a proud African I had to do it for the kids and the hip hop culture.” he expressed.

He tweeted: ” catch me live daar so…tell a friend to tell a friend” 

Twitter@afrikahotlines @iamcruzafrika fb Cruz Afrika Afrika hotlines

East meets West

Now that we are at level1 of SA lockdown and state of emergency is approaching , so does the festive season. And when it comes to the 2nd Annual Black Entertainment Awards BEA line-up  , undoubtedly it has to be Masese cousin’s “Tubatse” s collaboration with west rand based rapper Black Tee.  

Masese Cuzins Is A Group Of Two (Terminator And Double Trouble) , this duo hails From Limpopo, Burgersfort,Ga Makofane But Currently Living In Tsakane.
The Name “Masese” derives from both Middle Names And We Cuzins. Said terminator BFG.

Its understood The Crew started Making Music in january 2020.
“We Got An Ep Out And It’s Called Cuzy2Cuzy Which Got 7 Tracks,The Ep Is Doing Well, Getting Airplays In Limpopo Tubatse fm And Thobela Fm And It Also Earned Us An Interview At GinuTV And We Already Working On Two Mixtapes (piano and hip hop) 80% Done Already” added Double trouble.

According to the duo ” What motivates this collaboration was the way blacktee flows and his message on lyrics”. Expressed Terminator BFG.
“We wanted the song to sound more rap Cause the song was about us and we are rappers not just hip hop artists even though we  making an amapiano EP” added Double trouble. 

Their mission is to realise a charity movement in order to help upcoming artists with food and sanitary for the girls in the east rand.
” we wana be a helping hand in our  community and the whole of africa” 
This duo has realised 7 track Ep entitled Bantseba Tubatse which saw Black Tee’s feature. 

It’s an honour to be included in the lineup ,”  “Its exciting and of course nerve wrecking ” Black Tee said. da fact that we from different cultures (Ke Motswana & ke Bapedi) so we trying to come up with good music, uplift and embrace each other” Black Tee added. 
“So far I’ve featured them on my hit audio (My City)very dope track, Definitely more features,In future Maybe we might do a mixtape” 
” I’ll drop my first ever project Ep title Change With 10 tracks soon, Evèry song is a hit”  Black Tee concluded.

Kevin takes back his power at BEA

Zimbabwean born , SA based Singer, songwriter , Actor , Script writer and Performer Kevin Makhosi recently released his highly anticipated  album , Nyimbo Za Ku Afrika .

The album boasts 9 tracks that see taking his place among Africa’s most creatively purist, remarkable and sedulous artists.

Makhosi has announced his return to live performance after 5 months away from the stage – and it’s a high-profile comeback. His first show since lockdown will be at the Black Entertainment Awards BEA on 31st October.
“I’m an Afro house vocalist that believes “voices are instruments”. “My style is a fusion of traditional music and modern house beats hence I like to clarify it as Afro House” He said.

His greatest influence is the legendary Oliver Mtukudzi and Salif Keita.
He adds “I’ve been praised for inheriting the sounds of the legendary Salif Keita and Oliver Mtukudzi” 

Its believed his journey started back in 2014, where he got aspired by western music, specifically,  rap.

“I did rap for at least two years before switching to house  music” he added.

According to Makhosi , Nyimbo Za Ku Afrika is the name of the album,  it’s a chewa language. It features multi-Award winning Artists like Novuyo Seagirl,  Qeqeshiwe Mntambo and more. It was distributed by Italian label based in Milan and got an airplay on various radio stations in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

His plans beyond Covid 19 is to shoot a couple of music videos and put up some gigs across the country. Apart from music he owns  a TV channel(Maphungo Tv), where he hosts one of the shows (KM Talks Show), talking about things encountered in life. He is also a brand owner of the clothing line “Nambini” which is known for being heavily marketed on social media.

He expressed “My greatest challenge was Finance, I was challenged to record my projects and having to get my music to radios and television for airplay”

Kevin’ s “Msikilasi” topped the charts sitting at no 9 of the hits #SaturdayPlaylisting on Black community radio bcr. He also mentioned his family support system throughout his career . 
He concluded “I’d love to thank my family and fans for their unfailing love and support all the way ”

Bless Gasa adapt at many things.

The complete saying was originally “A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.” Formerly intended as a compliment, the phrase means that a person is a generalist rather than a specialist, versatile and adept at many things.

This clove fit in a well established Business man , events and artists manager Bless Gasa.
Born and bred Kwandengeze Pinetown in KZN , Bless Gasa have practically worked with the likes of Sparks Bantwana , Dj Tira , Durbanites to mention few before they became household names. 
” I have a long history of creating and staging ground breaking  events which has arts and culture theme” he said.

Its believed hard work is the most important key to success. Without being willing to work hard and put everything into a venture, business success is nearly impossible.
“Its not easy to survive in this industry , you need to have a thick skin” he said.
” You need to know about contracts and royalties and most importantly you need to work hard” he added.

Bless Garcia and Tk Cheeze single Uzophumelela has been making waves in the industry , besides getting airplay it has been rotating for 2 weeks on Bcr’s top 10 hits #saturdayPlaylisting on Black community radio bcr.
” Its exciting to experience Uzophumelela doing so well in the charts, I am impressed”  he expressed his gratitude.

Our relationships are what support us, connect us, and allow us to progress in all aspects of our lives. Whether they stem from business or personal situations.
” I have worked with many influential people in the industry and this has a great impact to my projects at hand to be a success” he concluded.

Facebook: Bless Gasa

Twitter @admin

IG:Bless Gasa

Arabic Piano’s Khalinyawo has fierce dance floor fillers.

All that young men really know about women is what they learn from their mothers or sisters.Its believed Mothers are the first woman that they love and for that reason, the mother remains the model of the ideal woman.

Jeremiah Matlawe(26) known as J-Killer and Dj Sibahle Nokwanda Sibiya(21)  have one thing that’s set them apart from all the others , and that’s Art of music. 
This pair embarked into partnership which was created from two different schools , one hip hop and the other , good ear for music. 
 “I met Dj Sibahle in 2018 and we decided to form Arabic Piano” 
We both from different musical background and we fused our sound into Arabic and piano sounds” said J-Killer.

Mixing one’s wines may be a mistake, but old and new wisdom mix admirably.If you listen closely, the songs speaks about getting hectic on the Dance floor as we approach festive season.

Sitting at no 19 of South Africa’s  most played songs on radio stream, Khalinyawo tops the charts two weeks in a row sitting at no 1 on Bcr’s top 10 hits.
“Ashuuu yeh spot number 1 We owning it since last week wow ” expressed Jkiller.

 According to the duo , They are currently working on an Ep of 7 Songs entitled Baila Conmigo.  
” for now we Focus on pushing Our Music Video & we will be on tour soon to 9 Provinces ” JKiller concluded.

Instagram: arabicpiano_ Twitter: ArabicPiano Facebook: Arabic Piano

Rytious’s ‘Malambane’ makes global news.

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Hailing from KZN umlazi N section  , Rytious as he is better known by his peer and fans is a travelling soul connecting with the world, sharing stories through his music , some painful and some joyful.

Passionate , persistent and powerful rapstar realised his most anticipated single entitled Malambane featuring his childhood friend BIG CHEEZ .

Its understood Malambane aspired from childhood experience he had growing as friends.
This tells a tale of their struggle then practically  making waves in the industry , paved their way to the top and helps them out of the gutter.

This hit is sitting at number 4 on the Top 15 Australian Music charts , also feature in the A1am Records in the UK which also linked to Los Angeles and New York.
“We also Featured in the 6th floor shown in the UK” he said.

“Malambane back home has been winning on the metro fm battle of the songs show”
“We won for 2 weeks straight” he added.

There is no passion to be found playing small–in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.
Malambane is an amalgamation of south african street music , also takes the old with the new with the same kind of swag and home for the young and old.

Its believed in Rap and Hip Hop, the artists began to talk about material wealth, girls, hustlin’ and what not. 
They started beefs with fellow rappers and just talked about anything and everything which could get them mass attention. However Rytious sings a different tune.

“Firstly there is a difference between beef and the battle,the essence of hip-hop is the battle,where people compete, sharpen their skills,that’s the essence of hip-hop ,people start personal beefs to sell records or to get clout,but for me I would rather sell real music that that everybody can relate to” he concluded.