Duvha says Pray, Work , Impact and influence. Prayer gets everything done!

Duvha says Pray, Work , Impact and influence. Prayer gets everything done!

Communion with God is essential before we can have real communion with our fellow-man.

Easter weekend seem to be perfect timing regardless of the pandemic. One moment with gospel singer Duvha  sharing his plans to his new project is exciting news. Speaking to the publication he confirmed new music and release which will include a live recording in May.

Known for songs from previous album recorded in 2014 which includes “Modimo wabontata rona ” featuring Prophet Keke Phoofolo and lenna Kemmone which was released last year . Other features includes Bishop Louis, the late Petronella Scheepers to name a few.

“Modimo wabontata rona “was immediately added to Gospel accordingly , a radio show rotation which is aired every Sundays on black community radio bcr. This sotho hymn cracked the top 10 sitting at No1 on the charts.

Duvha is a worshiper, a Father, a husband and a business man. His thoughts of what sets him apart from all the other artists? He said ” I’m an Apostolic Psalmist. I am born a worshiper and the Gift in me and my craziness for God makes me stand out”. 

Its believed his music journey started at an early age singing in choirs and funerals. “From there i knew i am called to Worship” “Keke Phoofolo inspires me in so many ways as he has taught me a lot of things concerning music and life in general, so in most of my songs i have featured him”.

He then disclosed his family as his greatest influence. “My Family is my greatest influence because they have been there in most of my journey and they have given me the support i would ever ask for. He added. 

When asked if there’s enough platform for everyone in the industry?  No! i don’t think so. Since this pandemic started a lot has taken place and musicians are not recognized. So when you go out there to do music don’t do it because you don’t have a choice but do it because you are called for that. Your gift shall make room for you”. He sighed !In his conclusion he said ” Pray , Work, Impact and influence. Prayer gets everything done!

Song reviews :  ” This hymns flourishes with a wide array of styles from contemporary love songs to throw-back urban soul to Sunday morning church all held together by Duvha’s unmatched vocal style. 

You can purchase “Modimo wabontata rona ” , ” Lenna Kemmone and more from his previous album on all digital platforms. 

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