Eleven Semi-finalists battles for Public Choice!

Eleven Semi-finalists battles for Public Choice!

Eleven Face of North’s Semi-inalists battles for Public Choice!

The committee of Face Of North 21 published their top 11 semi-finalists and hopefuls for the crown.Those who made it to the list includes Kefilwe Given Khoza (Pella Rustenburg ) , Jeanet Lefiri (Pella Rustenburg ), Tshwanelo Rankoa,(Pella Rustenburg ), Akanyang Semfeng (Pella Rustenburg),(), Lesego Molotsi (Pella Rustenburg ), Ontlametse Nkau (Pella Rustenburg), Kgothatso Milano (Pella Rustenburg ), Masego Makau (Paardekraal Rustenburg), Shadrack Koketso Mohutsi(Pella Rustenburg ), Koketso  Mafa (Paardekraal Rustenburg ) and William Onkarabile Khoza  ( Pella Rustenburg).

Out of the 11 , the top 6 will be announced at the Sash event to be hosted on the 25th of September after which they will continue with voting towards grand finale at Malethlogelwa show grounds. 

Speaking to the publication the contestants in their order says “If I win face of North my role to the community: would be acting as an example to those young girls like me in the community and to become their positive role model and to show them modelling doesn’t go by body shape”. Said Jeanet Lefiri. 

” if I win the competition well for my community I will inspire young people like and to help them to gain self-confidence and so all”. Said Tshwanelo Rankoa. 

“If I Win these Pagent my role in the community is to be a responsible citizen .and to be a role model that will help other s to mold thier sense of responsibility and concern as early as good ..n I will even participate to the program and projects that can be beneficial to our community”. Said Ontlametse Nkau. 

“If i win i would go to houses where old and disable people live to clean their yards for free”. Said Masego Makau. 

“To inspire other people that nothing is impossible to reach… And no dream is too small nor big to reach “. Said Shadrack Koketso Lehutsi .

William Onkarabile Khoza says :”will be a role model to other young gents nd encourage them to go for their talents cause hard work leads to achive the goal u set. I will make sure I do the talent show for mi community since their is more talent(Art) in my community”.

Kefilwe Given Khoza says ” to form groups of youth and encourage then not to abuse alcohol and drugs . Those who have problems to go to rehab so that they could go to school “.

Kgothatso Mega Milano says “I would motivate children to go for modelling and always believe in their selfs more” .

Lesego Molotsi says “If I win the competition I would encourage my peers or young people who have interest and the ability to do modeling to never look down on theirselves and go for it, and to believe that they are gonna make it and to have confidence and also to be themselves”.

Koketso Mafa says “the first thing i am going to ook for young boys who are interested on modelling yeah I will teach them to become a modelling yeah I know that some boys are little bit scared or thinking that modelling is only for girls but I will show them that modelling is not only for girls I will look for place where I will train my students.

In conclusion Lerato Lerifi ( face of North 21’s ambassador says ” “I’m extremelly happy ,it feels so good to be a leader to young people,encouraging them to believe in their self nd have highself esteem, and i have hope that they wil never disappoint me ,this competition wil be hectic and interesting also other young people Will have interest after our event all i ask is support from any1 thanks”.

Face Of North 21
( Top 11 Semifinalist )
Voting officially open now ♥️♥️♥️till the 7th September 2021.👏🔥💃
Please vote for your favourite contestant 👏🔥💃 simply click on the link below and vote❤❤❤

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