Findo Speaks life during the Pandemic!

Findo Speaks life during the Pandemic!

Studies are now revealing that over 80% of learning is informal and outside of the classroom. This means that curiosity, passion and self -education are the key factors that determine a person’s education and lifelong success.
Clearly, there needs to be more integration of classroom learning with people’s unique talents and with the real world.
With the COVID-19 pandemic still wreaking havoc all over the world . Findo has been turning much of her focus and energy on her work.

This Gorgeous , God fearing hair dresser Tshepiso Galeitsiwi was born and bred in Taung north west and currently resides in Roodepoort Westrand.

Amongst all other things  she specialises in Wigs , Weaves , Hair colour and Cornrows hairstyles.

Speaking to the publication about her journey as a self taught remarkable hair dresser. She said ” i am encouraging many to starts their own businesses because you cannot wait for someone to hire you.”You will atleast have a legacy for your children and they will also be able to access that.” She added. 

Its understood that Since the implementation of the lockdown , many people have lost their jobs and sources of income. Findo is Amongst self-employed and owners of small informal businesses who solely depend on the money they receive from clients. 
“I had to close down my salon because business was not doing well. Another reason being lockdown restrictions . We couldn’t work from home because even our suppliers were forced to close down. This has affected us a lot financially, i mean we pay rent and other needs and emotionally this had an impact.She sighed!
Known to her peers and clients as “Findo”, she named her business after herself “Findo’s HairDos”
“Everyone calls me Findo ,so I wanted to keep it that way” she expressed.
In her conclusion she said ” Education is not a product, diploma, job, money–or anything in that order; but it is a process, a never-ending one. 
For Bookings and house call please Contact Findo HairDos directly on 0785873384

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