Get comfy with Some Ooh.lala Moment with Samantha!

Get comfy with Some Ooh.lala Moment with Samantha!

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.
Samantha Nandipha Majonga is a serial entrepreneur with multiple startup companies and business interest. She is an information system graduate from Northwest university and a beauty with brains behind Ooh.lala Boutique in roodepoort cbd.
 ” I have always had a passion and appetite for the above mediocre in life”. Said Samantha.

What differentiate Ooh lala store from other Boutiques is that we pride ourselves in the way we look and present ourselves ” 
” is about being comfortable in your own style . We do limited items , custom designs both local and global, personal tailoring outstanding fabrics and designs”. She added.
Speaking to the publication about her journey she said ” I used to be a manager in a startup real estate company, I received the vest mentoring from the lady I regard as a life sister. It aggravated my hunger to create my own legacy to my taste”
” I went in to poultry and founded “Bird girls” I then relocated to roodepoort so I can bring some life in a small town I had my teenage years in as well as being close to my family”. She expressed.
Her greatest influence would be “I would have to say I admire the one and only bad girl riri as an overall person apart from us being pieces she is always true to herself , fun , business versatile and not to mention mega stylish a girl from a small town who became influential over the years and now amongst the richest self made women in the entertainment industry in a foreign country”.
Ooh.lala Boutique has  a network of in-house designer lines. Currently they have 5 different apparel lines. 
“We do custom orders . We cater for all people on order as well as unisex. We are more towards high street fashion wear.” She said.

When asked about the role of women in the industry she said ” the re I think in life weather men or women barely anything is given and if it requires maintenance .as women or humans we are in one of the greatest era of all time , if you look carefully you will see women are breaking record in all areas of life”.
In conclusion she said : ” I personally think you have to decide what you want and just go for it with everything you is fair In a sense that it’s unfair to all of us.Only you are qualified to bring something unique to the world”. 
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Irene Majonga Komichi Posted on8:12 pm - Apr 4, 2021

Well done Sammy affectionately as Agent Fox I am proud of whom you have become and still to become
Keep on dreaming bigger things My God is just waiting to fulfil yr desire

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