Hear Jay Jay Slee Soar on Stunning New Song “Kumnyama”on the top hits charts!

Hear Jay Jay Slee Soar on Stunning New Song “Kumnyama”on the top hits charts!

Hear Jay Jay Slee Soar on Stunning New Song “Kumnyama”on the top hits charts!

Sitting at no 3 of the Bcr’s top 10 hits, Nongoma singer and songwriter Jay Jay Slee has returned with a banger and new anthem, “Kumnyama ”. The track boasts another powerhouse vocals from Jay Jay Slee.

It marks her first top hit song since 2013 , when she released a six-track EP which includes tracks such as Mamgobhozi, Yiyo lento ofunayo, Udali Wami, Father God, 4 ever to mention a few.

Last year she met Voxyzie Bone who worked with her as her producer .
” I have started making music in 2013 because i was inspired by the late “Lebo Mathosa ” may her Soul rest in peace”. She said.
” the love and passion for music kept burning inside me so I decided to start writing my own till I met with Voxyzie Bone , that’s when people started recognising my potential” . She added.

“I was called “Boni” before I became “Jay Jay Slee” and I used to be short tempered , person who like to fight and always in trouble”. She expressed.
When asked about the challenges she came across in the industry she said ” The biggest challenge was not finding the right producers for my music and also being mislead by people’s opinions on how should I do my music, Also not being payed for my performances”. “My frastrations was not being playlisted by other radio stations.
 “In the song “Kumnyama” i express my feelings communicate with God and my ancestors because things where not going well”. She expressed.  
“The beat was produced by Voxyzie Bone and I’m the one who wrote the song”.
The public received it well its even playlisted on Soundofazania
Link: https://www.shazam.com/track/556657597/wangithanda

When asked if women are being given enough platform she expresses “I don’t  believe so, because male artist achieve more opportunities than females”. 
In conclusion she said ” To all female artists please don’t giveup no matter how hard the situation is,  believe in yourself and your work.

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