HorizonLeap’s ”Giya” tops the charts sitting at number 7!

HorizonLeap’s ”Giya” tops the charts sitting at number 7!


A new year means new beginnings and fresh starts. It’s more of freeing yourself of failures and disappointments and embracing a new perspective—a fresh look at the future and what it holds!

HorisonLeap has been a little quiet on the music front. This after a few years of struggle to break into the industry . he’s released his new music and back with vengeance. This time around with his hot hit single “Giya ” featuring RockFuzeh . Its believed this ” Jam” has been making rounds on Bcr’s top 10 hits and is currently sitting at No 7 . 

Most people might not know him personally and some sing along to his music when it’s  playlisted on South African radio and a few TV stations.

HorizonLeap is a vocalist, composer , author , producer and he is also the sole owner of Kora Music PTY LTD. He is known for his sweet and charming voice when featured on House music tracks . His versatility landed him in genre’s like Hip Hop and Amapiano.  Just like most creatives he also had a few years struggling to breakthrough into the industry till 2013 when he met DJ MarryKano at Maponya Mall.

” it was not long when DJ MarryKano introduced me to the producer called Thapelo “Gintonic” Ginya who produced the first version of “Love Land” which became famous and was remixed by few more producers”. He said.

“I have worked on many projects throughout my career, for instance “Love Land” which featured on House Afrika Sessions 5 album, “Follow Follow” which was a remix of Chymamusique’s (season of change), as well as “Love in the music” by Brewed Souls which also featured on another House Afrika’s compilation” He expressed. 

Born and bred in Evaton in the early 80’s , HorizonLeap knew he was going to be a musician due to his family’s musical background and moreover his brother was a pianist.

“Being a musician came natural to me as i would join choir practices at home because my father was a conductor as well as a Reverend.” He sighed.

“At a tender age of 9 , i started writing music from Gospel, Choir music even R&B music ”.  He added.

It’s understood His love for music grew bigger when he met the South African Music Legend Mr Koloi Lebona who took HorizonLeap under his wing as his mentor , and in 2005 , HorizonLeap started his own record label “Ice Rocks Records”.

catch HorisonLeap ft RockFuzeh here : Bcr’s top 10 hits #week23 #level1Salockdown #fridayPlaylisting #level1Salockdown https://anchor.fm/eshdey-diphae/episodes/Catch-Bcrs-top-10-hits-week23-level1Salockdown-fridayPlaylisting-level1Salockdown-evt73eSitting at No10. ❤F-eezy ft saucerman guluva phone 9.❤️ NexVocals All yours 8.❤ Khobzin x Kiavalla x Zeedeep x Versone Akabambeki 7.❤️HorizonLeap ft RockFuzeh Giya 6.❤Ama2000 Kevin Makhosi ❤️ 5. Rytious Thandaza ❤️ 4.❤️ Eindo too fresh ft lova 3.❤️ Rethabile ft Muzzle camagu 2. ❤️Beyonce x shatta Wake Major Laser Already 1.❤️ Cardi B ft Megan the stallion Wap

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