Kazy Doe Is Releasing a New Single, ‘Nobody knows ,’ featuring Emtee on Thursday the 9th.

Kazy Doe Is Releasing a New Single, ‘Nobody knows ,’ featuring Emtee on Thursday the 9th.

Kazy Doe Is Releasing a New Single, ‘Nobody knows ,’ featuring Emtee on Thursday the 9th.

S.a based Nigerian born-Afro-pop singer/Songwriter /Producer and a fashion designer Kosonye Udoka is a talk of the town. Known to his peers and fans as Kazy Doe , the star is making waves in the music industry.

“am a family man.I believe in God. I believe in putting in the work and investing in my craft. And from what others say, I’m a great fashion designer. I design most of the clothes I wear”. He said .

His long anticipated single features internationally acclaimed rapper Emtee.
“I think there’s versatility in the kind of music I produce. Like I am an Afro Pop artist that has featured a rapper in my music.

“That versatility makes my music unique and seasons it with some different flavour.  Also my willingness to stay the course and invest in my craft. Some artists don’t have the patience to master their craft, however long it takes. I don’t mind staying the course. Putting in the effort. 

 Speaking to the publication about challenges he came accross in the industry he said “Being an aspiring musician in Nigeria with no savings to fund your career made me realize that if I am to make it in music, I will need to invest in my craft. I had to pause music so I can get jobs to save up. The greater challenge was financial resources because to record, master and sell your music is money. And to build your brand as an artist requires some investment too. Today I have a manager because I worked and continue to work hard to invest in my craft and music career.

Its understood His musical journey started in 2015. “when I released some love song with my friends. This was just the result of curiousity and some sparks of passion towards music. There used to be some musical group in Nigeria that was popular when I was growing up. And I was fascinated by how their music got people singing along and dancing. I liked that. And wanted to have that kind of effect on people through my own music”.
My dad. Although I may think I became an accidental musician, my dad saw it in me sooner that I could. He’s the reason I got back into music. I’m not sure if he saw it in church when I was playing piano or when I released the first single with my friends. He kept on saying, there’s a future for me in music I should go back. That was after I left music after the first single”. He sighed .

Some people were born with the golden spoons and some need to hustle get those spoons for themselves. “I know what it feels like to struggle, to hustle on the streets, to work extra hard. So the song is a hala to all the hustlers on the streets, trying to make it in life. I’m saying to them; keep pushing, do not give up. Nobody knows how hard it is out there, just stay focused”. He expressed.

Kazy Doe is optimistic on how the public will receive the song. “After music sampling on an interview I did recently, I had fans asking that I release the song the following day. They are already jamming to it, going ‘nobody know….nobody Know’.

According to him independent artists are given enough platform to express themselves . “By social media. Nowadays you don’t really need to wait for someone to host an event to promote yourself. You just get into the studio, record, publish digitally and engage your social community” . He added.

In his conclusion he said “invest in your craft. Produce the best possible product. Get yourself a PR manager. It is important to get a manager because a manager will help you with the business side of your music. They will get you known, help build your brand and to secure the bag”.

The new single “Nobody knows ” featuring Emtee will also be published across all major digital music streaming platforms.

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