King Mbizo’ s ”Uthando” Debuts at No.10 on Bcr’s Top 10 hits Charts!

King Mbizo’ s ”Uthando” Debuts at No.10 on Bcr’s Top 10 hits Charts!

King Mbizo’ ‘Uthando’ Debuts at No.10 on Bcr’s Top 10 hits Charts.

Goodwill Mbizo finally became a talk of the town with his songs ranging from introspection to celebratory. We find out more about what has made him a creative songwriter and vocalist.
 Known to his peers and fans as King Mbizo, his recent jam  “Uthando”  is currently rotating in Bcr’s top 10 hits , week 25 sitting at no 9 of the charts.
“Wow I just notice it now 🙏 thank you guys ..I really appreciate it 🔥💿🔥.. it’s safe to have you on my back”. Said Mbizo. 

These days, love has become a trend amongst teens and youngsters. It is taught and presented in front of children in the senseless direction. For some reasons, real love is mistaken in many aspects. 
” kwesinye isikhathi uzithola uthanda umuntu ikanti yena uthanda omunye umuntu ”   translate to “At times we love people who are in love with other people” he expressed. 
Speaking to the publication he said “indaba yomuculo iqale nje ngosakhula bengithi uma ngimamela iyngoma banye abaculi bengiba naleya i bengizbona ngikulelo zinga ..ngingasho ngithi umculi engimkhonze kakhulu ngumthanden” translate to ” my journey in music journey started at an early age . I believe influnce was drawn from the legendary and also from Berita”. He added.
He shared how much he miss getting sweaty on stage , reminiscing about pre-COVID days going out to performances. He mentioned his other single still to come entitled “Baby daddy”  he said “Obaba abanengi baphika iyingane zingaka zalwa bekuthi sezikhulile bayeza bavume ukuth ingane ngezabo” Which translate to  “men who deny their flesh and blood and eventually admit when the child is older “. 

He brought back a fusion of Maskandi and Amapiano with “ihali hali ” featuring Pollet set to launch on the 21st of May.
Mbizo says he’s always dreamed big, but never imagined fame would come so soon.
 “I knew one day I was going to be famous , I just didn’t know it would happen so soon”. He sighed.

Listen to King Mbizo’s “Uthando” sitting at no 9 on Bcr’s top week 25 here :::

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