KingMbizo launches “Uthando”.

KingMbizo launches “Uthando”.

Zimbabwean born-South African -Thembisa based recording artist KingMbizo is releasing his latest debut album  ‘Uthando’ off of his upcoming album ‘Uthando’ – releasing on the 31st of July . The track is the first to be featured in his upcoming album and is a 7-track complete album.
Known popularly for his hit single “Ihalihali”  that topped Bcr’s top charts rotating week in and out , his new single is a love jam and one that stays true to a traditional KingMbizo’s Maskandi sound.
The song basically speaks of love relations where one would  engage in a relationship knowing their affection is far from the partner they have.
“It’s expressing how one can fool another in a relationship , they stay in gain of something they only know “. Said KingMbizo .

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