Mamsie Ndlalani’s revisits the mirror speaks to say “many women came out to say me too , how do I get out “?

Mamsie Ndlalani’s revisits the mirror speaks to say “many women came out to say me too , how do I get out “?

Mamsie Ndlalani’s revisits the mirror speaks to say “many women came out to say me too , how do I get out “?

What makes her stand out from all women of her caliber , that’s her strength!

” I was inspired by the the death of so many women at the hands of their partners. The pain that Rape victims are going through, depression and suicide. I remember well one young woman who survived rape that I was counseling she wanted to castrate her son, because he reminded her of the rapist” . She said.

“I want to tell my story of victory from my past pains in order to help them heal. That there’s an open door waiting for them to walk in” . She added.

Speaking to the publication about The response from the public regarding her book she said ” The response from the public is very positive and amazing. They are buying the book both old and young”.

This book have opened doors for her on all platforms which include television , radio , digital and print media.

“I’ve received so many positive feedback. The most surprising one was from a male who told me that reading the book made him realized that what he thought was normal because his father did it, that is, beating her moter has now realized that it is domestic violence and he is prepared to attend counseling and he has stopped”.

So many women came out to say me too, how can I get out?

“Knowing that I have changed someone’s life’s perception through the book made me felt the urge to help them more. It led to the revival of WEMANDLA my NPO. I’m more busy now helping more than 200 women and children. I even have a whatsApp group where I advice, counsel and help. I work with all relevant stakeholders. She expressed.

I’m so happy to God for letting me change people’s lives. She sighed!

She also tackles her Documentary Film Recording:

“The recording has already been done. The plan is to encourage women to speak about their painful experiences and to hear my story. The editors are busy editing the documentary after that we are going to send it to different media houses and try to get a deal with them”

“This is a safe space for women to talk and get guidance. We are planning to take it to film festivals and screen it through the country”

Her invitation to Ghana cultural exhange

“I feel really honoured and highly privileged that I will be addressing the tourists about the book. People should expect a workshop that will take them through real life journey of pain that could not hold down a black woman with great dreams. I want to take them through victory that led me to realize the biggest dream I’ve ever dreamed off”

Above everything else I want to sensitized them about the issues of Gender Based Violence and domestic violence.

Her message to tourist she said ” Violence against women and children is destructive, strips women of their self esteem. It leads to depression and suicide”

In her conclusion she said ” Men need to love and treat women with respect. Also support and encourage them to dream and live their dreams. Because we are all born for a purpose in life , so Let’s live our purpose”.

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