Memaawards is back to celebrate a decade!

Memaawards is back to celebrate a decade!

Memaawards is back to celebrate a decade!

CBBC Media House (PTY) LTD is a multi-media company with core business being production, promotions, distributions, publishing, artists and events management.
It operates its headquarters from Shop No1, Golden West Building, in Klerksdorp, North West province.

It’s believed as a licensed music publisher/distributor registered with the South African Music Rights Organization (SAMRO), CBBC distributes music audio and videos to radio and television platforms for play listing , upload online for streaming and download. 

CBBC monitors and keeps record of movement and overall rotations of each song on a day to day basis. Playlists and all records are collected from radio, television and online streaming statistics to be used as part of the nomination process. Artists will be required to attend music workshops, promotional events, do radio, magazine, newspaper and television interviews as part of the publicity and exposure. 
A nomination committee which comprises  of music executives , radio and television compilers, and artists is elected with a task of deciding the final category and nomination list.
It’s understood artist would be invited to attend the nomination night which is scheduled for the 24th September 2021 at a venue to be announced. Each nominated artist would be allocated a voting code to promote for votes for a specific time. 
Winners would be announced in December 2021 at the main event on a date and venue to be announced at the nomination night in September.

Requirements for Submission:
1. Hard Copy CD/DVD with original cover Front: Name of Artist (Group) and Song (Album)Back:  Name(s) of the song(s) and featured artist(s), Producer(s),            Record Label & location of studios Contact details
Send mp3 format song, artwork and a complete artist profile to and artists are encouraged to follow developments of social media Facebook: MEM Awards Twitter: AwardsMem YouTube: CBBCTV  
2. Music must be properly mastered (High Quality) or it will not be considered for air play

*NB: When music passes quality check test
(a) Artist must fill in the attached application form with his/her personal details, artist details and banking details including a copy of a certified copy of ID.*This gives CBBC Media House rights to distribute music/videos to various TV/Radio stations in an effort to make playlist and collect royalties from SAMRO*To distribute music/videos on various online outlets.*To enter music awards.

Cbbc Media DITSHEGO:
Issued by Cbbc Media
Facebook: Memaawards Twitter@awardsmem Instagram@MEM_Awards21


Mamsi Ndlalani Posted on11:59 pm - Jul 26, 2021

Wow, can’t wait

Sugar Levels Posted on9:42 am - Jul 27, 2021

🍾🥂 Nice iCant wait too

Thandinkosi Posted on7:16 pm - Jul 27, 2021

I’m in 🤣🤣🤣

    Thandinkosi Verseone Posted on7:17 pm - Jul 27, 2021

    I’m definitely in …

      DJTMAN Posted on11:59 pm - Sep 7, 2021

      I really can’t wait for 09-09-21

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