Ndivhuwo Matodzi Co-hosts BCR’s Prime show “Wuz popping Mzantsi?

Ndivhuwo Matodzi Co-hosts BCR’s Prime show “Wuz popping Mzantsi?

Time is like money: you can either spend, waste, or invest. At the tender age of 13 she already knew that she can read , write and speak English and IsiVenda proficiently.

Born and bred in Westrand Kagiso , Ndivhuwo Dianarose Matodzi’s origin is in venda Vuwani.
She is Special , unique and a lover of everything entertaining. According to her the journey started during playing as a girl child.

” I used to play sounds on radio and present or even read news but then the fantasy became a reality in 2017. I have joined Mogale fm as a news anchor and years later i joined Black Community radio as their news anchor and also Co-host Wuz popping Mzantsi which aires every saturdays at lunch.
“The journey has been absolutely amazing,  I have discovered a new special talent i didn’t think i had , i got to know and understand myself even better”. Said Matodzi.

 In her own unique way of doing things she said  “When i am doing my thing i become  myself,  i do not sound like anyone but myself, thats what makes me different ,i believe its a calling “. She giggles.

“My dream was to be on radio so bad,so i met a friend in 2017 who introduced me to my current boss lady(Eshdey Diphae who was then head of news at mogalefm). She gave me a chance and I started doing news in Venda language. I worked there for some time and now i am a grown women and i am doing so well ,i am living my dream”. She expressed. 

Her greatest influence in news is Makhadzi Mpilo from phalaphala fm.
” she’s a venda news reader , i use to listen to her daily so she inpired me to be this best and amazing person”.
Speaking to the publication about her flaws in her career she said” have once encountered a challenge when i was given the opportunity to produce a show back in 2017 and it was my first time and i manage. At that time i had to do news from 9h00am to 12h00 midday then producer for an afternoon show,  then co-host a show at night from 21h00 till midnight…i  was able to multi-task  but i still did a great job”. 
“i am happy with who I  am for now,  maybe in few years there will be some changes” she added.

In her conclusion she shared reactions from her peer and fans . ” i have an amazing support from my friends and family and they are always happy when they hear me doing news more especially on radio , so yah i am blessed hey to have them in my life. 

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