Nevil’s ’GET IT ‘ showcases his versatility ,writing skills and a great talent!

Nevil’s ’GET IT ‘ showcases his versatility ,writing skills and a great talent!

Nevil’s ’GET IT ‘ showcases his versatility , writing skills and a great talent!

Hailing from the South side with a Diploma in Sound Engineering , 21 year old Nevil is a qualified Sound engineer, Producer and Artist .

Unlike other artists , Nevil is consistent and interact with fans , his charm and adoration comes from his frequent output mixtapes.

 ” i think what makes me stand out I know most artist Focus the music side Only and think they’re on a right track, but you must be a “whole package” Artist, so I don’t see myself as just an artist, I consider myself as a brand and a business man so yeah” . He said.

“I have Performed in several places arround Brammfontein and Jozi,I am also a nominee for the LYD 2018 Awards for Best upcoming artist and I have shared a stage along side Stilo Magolide ,Dj Maphorisa,Rouge, Big Zulu ect. I was also an contestant of Loco Network Celebrity golden room”. He added.

With covid19 as the greatest obstacle per say ” the challenges is going to gigs with only 3 or 8 people, walking at night to gigs, less money for gig or video shoot, but with a strong team, challenges become easier”. He expressed. 

Most rappers who specialize in autotune can either feel unconvincingly boring or are a carbon copy of someone more successful than them, but Nevil has developed own unique and identifiable style. 

 “I started when I was in Matric Grade 12 2016, my friend introduced me to conscious rap, artist like Joey Badass Capital Steez ECT, then I became more interested in writing and acquiring the knowledge they have so I started writing, I can say, their knowledge inspired me, Especially Immortal Technique”. He sighed. 

With Kanye West as his greatest influence he agreed “its because he is a successful Business man, Artist and a creative”.

 Speaking to the publication about his accolades he said “Ready To Eat is one of my best projects so far, it features international and national Producers, Shout out to my boy Dawn, Deeknow, Vista and Svger beats for the production, my boy Perisic and Killuh for the features, the project is Doing very well, I dropped the Deluxe Version of it on SoundCloud, you should go check it out, I dropped visuals for a song titled classic, go check it out on my YouTube, the visuals of “I Get It” are on the way”.
Regardless of what critics say about him, his influence in rap is indisputable. When asked if artists receive enough platform he said “Yep, we are fortunate enough to have Social media, to put yourself out there, if you good enough, then the right people will catch up to it”.

In conclusion he said “Hard work, Consistency and a vision is the way to go!
Catch Nevil on Bcr’s top 10 hits sitting at No.6 #PlayingOnlyTheHits #WednesdayPlaylisting
Listen to Ready To Eat Deluxe, an album by Nevil_SA on #SoundCloud
Instagram : @nevil_sa , Facebook: Nevil Rsa SoundCloud: @nevil_sa

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