Rytious serves a beat in any genre and make it sound classic!

Rytious serves a beat in any genre and make it sound classic!

Rytious serves a beat in any genre and make it sound classic!

Rytious has opened up about his journey and challenges as an artist in the industry. “South African music industry is very tough…its a friend to friend industry filled with many gate keepers,its make friends with them or pay them even for airplay,so its very rough…thats why i decided to venture overseas & it worked out well”. 

To some his truth came out as being arrogant?

Speaking boldly to the publication on how he stand out from all the other artists he said ” I am able to serve a beat in any genre and make it a classic…im a all rounded artist”. 
“I’m a father of a 5 year old handsome boy,im also a owner of a branding company called Lunga Supplies Everything”.

According to Lunga , the journey started at the age of 12 years old and he was lucky to be surrounded by people who had a really great ear for music.

He drew his inspiration from internationally acclaimed artists of all time ” 2Pac & Lauryn Hill their passion & music are amazing” he expressed. 

Music review : Rytious music alwys tops the charts . currently two single “Malambane” which stood at No 1 & Style somgolo sitting at No 5 of Bcr’s top 10 hits on a weekly playlisting , the next single set to rock the airwaves is “Thandaza” .

When asked about his opinion on artists given enough platform and attention in the creative industry he said ” I guess it depends on where you located…certain regions really support,others a more difficult so you always have to find creative ways override the gatekeepers and haters”. He sighed!

Message adressed to aspiring artists he said  “BE YOURSELF!

Find Rytious music on soundcloud,spotify & apple music.Google Rytious all my music will come up.


DiVABWOI Posted on4:58 am - Apr 13, 2021

What a profound message that inspires and builds the awareness.

Super proud of this African brother

    Nguye Posted on10:21 am - Apr 18, 2021

    Keep it up Rytious doing good work as an artist 🙏

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