SAMU(South African music users) Workshops.

SAMU(South African music users) Workshops.

SAMU (South African Music Users) Workshop 

Delight Productions have initiated a project to motivating all Music Users/ Licensees in Southern Africa to report to the CMO’s for different rights so that music creators can get their royalty payment from all music rights collecting organisations based on the usage of creator’s craft.  

Each year Delight Productions SA will be hosting Music Users Workshops where we will discuss licensee’s role in the music industry value chain, their challenges, the issue of compliance, the new bill and most of all how can they grow and contribute strongly in countries GDP and in developing the music industry. Each year Delight Productions SA will be hosting workshops and awarding ceremony to honour and recognise each music user/ licensee based on their performance.  

Music User is the entity, company or individual that uses music in public for their business to entertain their clients or use music for whatever other reason for the public. These are top influencers we have in the country for the music industry. Music Users/ Licensees includes film makers, live events venues, music promotors, DJ’s, transport industry, broadcasters, night clubs, stadiums, museums & government structures, pubs and so on. These are the people that the project is directed to.  

Artists/musicians, authors, composers, publishers, producers, and music arrangers are boosted and made by these people “The Music Users”. They play an important role in the music industry and to country’s economy, lets recognise them. 

On the 27th November 2020 SAMU will be hosting a workshop, the platform to share knowledge, educate, recognise, and inspire Music Users/ Licensees to report to CMO’s. SAMU will honour and handover an award to the legend and a great player of all times during this workshop. The name will be kept anonymous till the day of the event to be revealed.  

The topics of the workshop includes: 

  • Music Users License & its importance,  
  • Intellectual property.  

  • Reflections on SA copyright law in the new Era of 4th Industrial Revolution  
  • Provision Measures for the Music User  

This project is one of its kind as all music workshops and awards are focusing on music creators only not embracing and developing people that brings currency in the music industry which are “The Licensee/ Music Users”. We have a long way to go, please walk with us as we unleash this project and its activities.   

Notes to editors: 

  1. The South African Music Users (SAMU) project is organised and administrated by Delight Productions SA. 
  2. Current partners: SAMRO, Gauteng Film Commission, Ukhozi FM, AMPD Studio’s, Animation SA. 
  3. We are still open and welcoming any kind of collaboration and partnerships.  

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  • Facebook: South African Music Users  
  • Hashtag: #SAMU2020 #SAMUworkshop #Changingtimes  
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Tel: +27 82 074 7367  

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