Sasha Lee Kingsley says “You only live once, live your life and the world will adjust”.

Sasha Lee Kingsley says “You only live once, live your life and the world will adjust”.

Sasha Lee Kingsley says “You only live once, live your life and the world will adjust”.

We are living in a “so called democratic” society but a lot of prejudices still exist. The transgender community per say still faces tremendous bias, despite all efforts by its advocates.

Speaking to Sasha Lee Kinsley she shared her story “As I grew older I realised more that I was different from other kids ,  it was in my mid 20s where i realized that i was not gay but actually a transgender, I dated someone who actually supported me then who actually celebrated my sexuality to try new things . I was on hormone pills for one month and got off them coz of the side effects”.  

Its believed most women has some complicated relationship to beauty, but as a transgender woman it’s a bit more complicated. There’s a lot of pressure to appear feminine.

Sasha Lee Kinsley said “Living a trans life is costly because u always have to be on point.  Makeup is expensive but I love my versatility because I mix my clothes , i always go for clothing that is non binary “. She added. 

 We also learned about her challenges and how she overcame. 
“Well I was born gay or rather trans I have never led a straight life. I always grew up playing with dolls and made friends with girls in school. It wasnt easy as most children especially our own black kids never understood me so I opted to have friends of other races where I was more accepted”.  
“The biggest challenge is not every doctor understands you when you are a  transgender, especially male doctors as most lack information on referrals and so forth. I was lucky to meet a lady who worked for a trans clinic who assisted me and made me understand that this is who I am and who am out to become”.

“Yes this is who I am this is my identity and I have to live by it. I wont lie being trans in a corporate world one has struggled to get noticed for yr efforts it’s even more of a challenge when it even comes to using a bathroom. I used the disabled toilet as I was not accepted in other gender toilets”. She sighed!

With Sasha Lee Kinsley the only process for her is to get breast enlargement and go for permanent facial removal.
“I am blessed to have natural female features by nature which has never been a challenge for me”
There is a psychological phenomenon called the “Consequence of choice” It says that the more choices you are faced with, the more difficult it is to decide. When you finally decide, it has taken longer and you are less confident that is was the correct choice.
“Live your life the world will adjust, always put your safety first . Alot of trans ppeople suffer from discrimination which lead to depression and I have been there. You are responsible for your own life and decisions. It’s always great to work hard for what’s  yours”. She said.

“My family has always been supportive and they really understand instead they look out for me and want more for me “. 

Embarking on what’s need to be done she said  ” Well i think the society need to be educated more about Lgbti and sexuality d , Honestly they need that , I  attract alot of straight men.
The moment u mention transgender they dnt understand or they will react in a very arrogant manner. We live in a society where there isn’t enough awareness about trans lives . There needs to be more visibility especially especially in the media educating society about trans lives because they do matter. 

The act of going within, finding our truth , and then sharing it, it helps us far more than we know.

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