Tigres’s Kefilwe add some “love” on her cookie jar!

Tigres’s Kefilwe add some “love” on her cookie jar!

 A girl doesn’t need a lot of makeup to look gorgeous , all a girl needs is a nice personality, a natural smile, and to be true to themselves.

Meet the gorgeous Kefiloe “Mpopie” Mothibi. What makes her stand out from all the other women is her bubbly personality. 

“I’ve got a very warm, bright and beautiful personality which I don’t think it can go without being naughty” she said.

Amongst all the other commitments she is working at one of South Africa’s leading banks as ATM installation coordinator . Apart form that she is also an entrepreneur selling cakes , scones and biscuits.

 ” it’s very challenging having to knock-off at 16:30 pm and starts my shift at ” Tigress cookies on the go ” at 18:00pm ; starts baking till 23:00 at times Midnite.

“I have to go to bed at 1am and 5am am on the streets dropping the guys who are doing the sales at Tigress cookies on the go and they pushing work till 4pm again” she added.

Tigress on the go is based in swaneville near the rank. ” “it’s easy to identify us with banner that has our branding ” she expressed.

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Mamsi Ndlalani Posted on10:18 pm - Apr 3, 2021

Proud of you baby girl. Abundant grace and love to you

Lucas Ngoma Posted on9:55 am - Apr 4, 2021

Impressive Kefilwe our community needs more inspiration and a higher level of realisation to over lots challenges our communities are faced with and you have proven that passion leads to success. I have order and tasted your homemade cookies and I can attest that they are really delicious will order more…

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