WaveSa ‘s “Hyper4Cus” tops the hits charts!

WaveSa ‘s “Hyper4Cus” tops the hits charts!

WaveSa ‘s “Hyper4Cus” tops the hits charts!

After a long struggle in the industry he returns to the music scene simply because of the love for the music! The streaming stats are impressive and he’s all about listening to his fans!

It’s believed his musical journey started in 2007 when he was introduced into kwaito and House music , aspired by Kalawa Jazmee and Durban finest the star makes strides in a big way!
” i’m not a copy-cat, have created my own sound , rooted entirely in artistry.” He said. 

Hyper4Cus”‘ is the latest single by singer-songwriter/Rapper WaveSa released a month ago across all digital platforms.

The hit song is currently available in all digital stores and a music video available on Channel- 0. 

The radio single added on a playlist on Black community radio and tops the charts sitting at No 10 week 47 !
Review: ‘Hypa4cus’ was aspired from the struggle and how people live in the streets and how they live their lives and yet make it out of nothing.
This song has been causing a serious havoc and damage figuratively – a lot of people have been relating, the majority of people found it very relatable and amazing,unique or different, as I’ve been getting a lot of positive reviews on a song” he added.

In conclusion he said “To all upcoming artists i can simple say,  make sure you figure out exactly the type of person you are, believe in yourself, put in the work and make sure you learn ways, new ways that can elevate your music , believe in yourself no matter what other people may think of you, as it’s  only you who knows what you capable of!

You can access WaveSa’ music here  https://site.spinnup.com/wavesaaz
FB: @WaveSAOfficialIG: @wavesaofficialWhatsApp : @0813030894

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