AppleGreen is a “life changer” Period!

AppleGreen is a “life changer” Period!

It takes one to know one! Tsholofelo Gift Applegreen, a 19 years old peagant model from Doornkop Snakepark Soweto is an absolute life changer.
Founder of a developing company named after himself “Rock Apple Fashions”, a director of Sisterhood Foundation and a marketing manager at Skhulanolwazi Productions.

He is currently assigned to organise Miss Freedom Park.”I train pageantry models, I have judged five pageants, I’m a Face of Devotion Mzansi 2020 Finalist and I will be competing on the 12 December 2020.” He said.

Amongst all other things and busy schedule he is a 1st runner up for face of BEA’s and What makes him stand out from all the rest of BEA nominees is the Zeal to inspire, encourage and motivate young people.
His dream is to be a successful entrepreneur, a motivational speaker and a creator of successful projects.
” I’m currently working on projects that will be a success.” He sighed.
Known by his peers as a person who allow God to lead him, never allows the difficulties of life to make him lose hope and purpose in life. 
“I wanna see my success as i impact people positively , I have a strong believe that “Each Success Is An Opportunity To Help Others”.” He added.

Regardless of what life hands him, his faith kept him going.
“I kept asking God to give me strength and lead me to overcome the challenges that I come across , i believe am on the right path in life and career.”
One item he cant live without he said “My electronic device is the item that I cannot live without because I always  use it for networking.”
“I’m so happy with who I am because what I have realised is that I’m definitely doing what God always wanted me to do which is being A” Life Changer “and impact someone’s life positively.” He expressed. 
In his reaction for nomination and the outcomes  he said “When I find out about my nomination I felt happy and honoured to be nominated. Now because I’m a 1st runner up I feel happy, honoured and proud of myself. All thanks to God and his children , my supporters for voting for me, Thank you.” He concluded.

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