For Noluthando Nyandeni, Lambano Academy helps mark a new life!

For Noluthando Nyandeni, Lambano Academy helps mark a new life!

For Noluthando Nyandeni , Lambano Academy helps mark a new life.

The holiday season is  finally here! A season known for goodwill and cheer. Happiness is shared amongst families and friends in gatherings to exchange gifts. 

 Festive spirit has been experienced at Lambano Academy .This after they are now pronounced fully registered entity.
“I’d like to thank the parents who were brave enough to believe in this vision. “The journey starts here. We will produce quality education . Our learners wont be pushed around like wheel barrows” She sighed.

Its believed the end of the year means Christmas and all the good things associated with it . For over 15 years , Gutzy Noluthando Nyandeni has been known as the force behind 100 percent pass rate in the westrand district . With her outstanding leadership qualities much credit should be directed accordingly.
 Speaking at the closing ball of her “new baby” Lambano Academy she said ” 2021 will be the first time Lambano gets a 100 percent pass. ” i am going to reclaim that achievement “. Said Nyandeni.

” We have tried to adapt to online methods of teaching but there would always be data issues so then we have decided to continue teaching our learners. ” One of our educators has been trained from England , so we have quality education. She added. 

The majority of the time there’s something fantastic on the other side. The school cater for the grade R to grade 12. They also conduct drama lesson runned by the celebrated Mpumi Mpama . “This will help learners to polish their skills and open doors in the entertainment industry”. 
in her conclusion she said “Not every child want to be a Doctor , some are meant to entertain “
“I urge parents not to underestimate Drama ” Said Nyandeni.

for more information please Contact Lambano Academy email: or call +2710 023 3113 or 083 308 7638


Naome Posted on8:23 pm - Feb 10, 2021

Good day how much is school fees fir my two kids, grd 4 and grd1

    BCR-News Posted on1:48 pm - Feb 11, 2021

    please call the school directly.

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