Mamsie Mashinini -Ndlalani:Revisit the mirror.

Mamsie Mashinini -Ndlalani:Revisit the mirror.

This book is about reaching to hurting people, highlighting the power of forgiveness. A true story of Mamsie Mashinini- Ndlalani’s transformation from a painful past to victory!

This is a must have! All the chapters gels well and the ones that speaks with volume to me would be : 1.1Pain of childhood sexual harassment

 1.2 Pain of double rape

1.3 Raising a rape child

 1.4 Surviving Kidnapping

 1.5 Surviving Gender Based Violence. 
This book struck me as a harven of healing process and it Opens Doors to the newness of life.

The gutzy author says she drew her strength from her heart attack. 
” in a way It opened my heart to the powerful Healing powers of God. With both my heart attacks doctors don’t know how I survived, but what I know are promises of God about Healing for us. ” 
“It makes me realize that life is too short, we need to use time given to us to fulfill our purpose in life not doing unnecessary things”. She said.
Her aspiration to write the book was through the rise of deaths of women in the hands of partners and rape that leaves survivors with a stigma that leads to suicide. “One young woman I was counseling wanted to castrate her own 4 year old son, because of rape. I saw the need to tell my story to give hope to these women. ” she added.
Sharing to the publication her Challenges she came across during her journey of writing. She said “I have experienced More pain as I revisited my painful past. I had to take a break , 2 years break started after 2 years then another 1 year’s break. There was also a lot of internal conflict. She sighed.

Tips on How she overcomed Challenges during her writing journey ?

1. Prayed a lot

2. Forgave myself and assured myself that I was not responsible for what happened to me

 3. Forgave all my perpetrators .

4. Started the process of healing. Faith played a major role to finally let go. 

When asked about the response from the public she said “Response is positive and there’s high demand and invitations to speak about GBV have started coming in, for example this Sunday (22.11.2020) I was a guest at Ekfm 103.6. I was emotionally paralyzed by the Listeners responses and getting a chance of telling their stories in quest for healing. On the 12th December I will be on an online tv station hosting me for their 16 days of non violence against Women and children”.

The response makes me feel like a doormat where all hurting people can come and wipe their shoes of the pains. All people because there’s a young man who told me crying that his baby mama raped him at varsity nobody believes him.” Said Mashinini-Ndlalani. 
In her conclusion she said ” i feel free and content that finally not only have I healed but others too will find their freedom”.


Thandinkosi Posted on9:26 am - Nov 23, 2020

Lovely mother wonderful

    Mamsi Ndlalani Posted on4:52 pm - Nov 23, 2020

    Thank you son. God’s grace upon my life

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