Miss radiant south africa’s finalist :Caring Zitha wants to raise funds to realise shelter in Oukasie

Miss radiant south africa’s finalist :Caring Zitha wants to raise funds to realise shelter in Oukasie

Hailing from the oldest township in the north west called Oukasie , a 21 year old Caring Zitha is ambitious , Caring and Oceanic.
“I’m all about making my journey in life a one to remember and not only by me but the lives I touch”. Said Zitha. 

Speaking to the publication she said “I’d like to see myself as a chameleon, because as much as I have to blend when needed I don’t change who I am(Blending with a tree doesn’t make the chameleon a tree).

“I believe in becoming the change I want to see. Modeling to me is about showing women from my community and the world at large that being a women is a superpower, it’s something no one can ever take from you. So I believe that my superpower is being able to blend without letting my environment change or define me”. She expressed. 

Speaking boldly about her dreams she said “I’m a dreamer but as soon as I walk up, I work on making them a reality. I was asked in Grade R what I wanted to be when I grow up and as much as being a doctor or teacher sounded right at 7 years I wanted to be a model.But if I was asked the same question 8 years ago I wanted to be a psychologist or take on any career to work and deal with people. My dream is to help people , I love working with people and modeling has given me that platform to be who I am and do what I love. Being on stage or being in a shelter or even just talking to someone is honestly a dream come true. Having someone smile because of something I did or said is what a I call a beautiful dream. I’m also a writer in the making so I dream to publish one day”. 

She also spoke about her greatest inspiration. ” my father is my inspiration because he is a person who believes in growth and equipping yourself with knowledge, to better your life and those around you. My dad never misses an opportunity to learn something new even from me. He has taught me that life is this beautiful journey worth taking and no matter who you are on this journey there times where you’ll need people so no man is an island. He is a person who would rather give his all to others, and that’s something I live by. I draw my inspiration and motivation from him. She added.

When asked about her plans beyond covid 19 she said ” Covid19 has taught me patience, to relax and let my hair blow in the wind. As much as its fun no one will walk my journey.  I want to step out of my comfort zone and make each dream I have a reality. I want to perform and record one of my poems, I want to have some published. Beyond Covid 19 I want to raise funds to open the first shelter in my community, I want to create a place of belonging. Winning Miss Radiant South Africa will allow me to get the funding for the shelter.

“I’ve always been a very shy and keep to myself type of person. I grew up having a very low self esteem,  low self confidence and I felt like I wasn’t beautiful or even good enough. I was told that I was too dark and too skinny  and in my mind I convinced myself that it was who I am. I overcame my shyness by smiling and I realized that I have a very unique dimple on my left.  When I smile I remind myself why I’m doing it, it reminds me that I’m worthy and I’m so beautiful. My dimple reminds me that I’m unique that’s special. Knowing my worth has really helped me understand that people dont determine who I am.

One item she can’t live without would be her cellphone. “It’s not really a necessity but it’s an item I always have with me. I keep my photos, documents and almost my life in it. Its the source of communication and I have apps which I use on daily basis like my Bible, social media apps, Microsoft word and so on. That makes my phone an item I can’t live without .

Miss Radiant South Africa is the first ground breaking Pageant which caters to all women.
“It makes us feel beautiful for being who we are, a women is the sparkle in her eyes, she is her curves and collar bones, she is her strength. This Pageant has allowed me to do everything I’ve ever dreamt of,  I want to achieve grown, as an individual I want to help open or fund a shelter home in my community. I want the young women in my community to see that women are strong, they are beautiful and they can achieve or do anything they want” said Zitha.

In her conclusion she said “When I submitted my application I was very nervous and still working on understanding my self worth. I submitted my application online then the wait started, they closed with 3000 applications I got even more nervous. But when I received an email with Congratulations I got excited and felt blessed , maybe a bit nervous too , it was like a step closer to the dream. As much as a certain load was lifted from my shoulders I carried another one and I started my journey of becoming the change I want to see. Even to this day I’m in the top 60 and still beyond excited like I’ve already won the title.

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