Oscar Tee is unstoppable!

Oscar Tee is unstoppable!

South African artist Oska Tee returns with ‘THE UNSTOPPABLE ALBUM’. This is Oska Tee’s fIfth studio album. It is a follow up to his previous albums: The Ultimate album 2005; The Unique album 2008 and The Utmost album 2010 and The Upstage album 2018. Oska Tee brings 12 new tracks through this new offering.

Oska Tee, born Batandwa Oscar Tyumre in Mthatha in the Eastern Cape, started singing at an early age at home, school and in church like most musicians. He has been in the music industry for almost 30 years and has worked alongside many big names in the music industry including one of Africa’s biggest music icons Brenda Fassie with whom he did over 100 shows within one year as a road-show manager in 1998 – 99. Oska Tee also worked alongside other big names like Patricia Majalisa, whom she managed for ten years, wrote four songs in her album Epatini in 2010 and featured her in his previous album the upstage in a song I heard them. He also still works with Majalisa band. Oska also managed By4 and did backing vocals for popular groups Splash, Dalom Kids, Nomuntu Kappa, Suthukazi Arosi and Mercy Pakela, to name but a few.

Due to the world music market becoming smaller and smaller because of technology, Oska Tee decided to produce an album that will accommodate a wider range of audiences globally. Though staying true to his African roots and to the South African bubblegum music sounds that inspired him in the late 80’s, Oska Tee added a lot of different influences that have also had a huge followership in South Africa in his teenage years. That includes: Rock’n roll, country, funk and reggae.

EMSINI is a house disco track, in which Oska Tee conveys a message that regardless of the many losses of their colleagues as artists, they as survivors will continue in the game in remembrance of their fallen loved ones. UBOMI is another hard-core dance tune and its message is that each of us in the world gets a turn to shine, it just happens in a different time for each of us. LENGOMA, inspired by Brenda & the big dudes 80’s hit Promises, is also a dance tune, against tribalism, xenophobia and racism. EBUSUKU, a modern Afro-soul love song, featuring a young dude Frans CEO is a beautiful mid-tempo groove, a love at first sight story. NDIYAKUTHANDA is a fusion of rock and disco. Oska Tee shares with a loved one how only love can fill the void inside a man and not fame. It is a great all age song. HAPPY MAN is a tribute song to Oska’s fallen colleague and friend. It is a fusion of disco reggae and Afro-pop with a country music touch. BOY AND A DREAM is a Caribbean reggae piece, telling a story of tough times growing up and how a blessing of a grandmother helped through it all. KONDELELANI is a hard-core disco track with its message dedicated to all the people of the world to persevere and that COVID-19 like other pandemics will fade and life will be back to normal if we adhere to regulations. This one’s music was inspired by an old Dalom kids hit God of mercy. YOU’LL BE MY FRIEND is another hard-core disco tune, the kind of sound made famous by Benjamin Ball, Chicco, Splash and its a love song, produced by Nikie Nikie. UYINTO YONKE is an Afro-pop ballad song where SA meets Uganda. It is a beautiful love song featuring Ugandan singer Kim K. GOOD OLD TIMES is a fusion of funk and disco. Crafted beautifully, the song remembers good old times spent with a close friend and times of great music. STAY WITH ME is an interlude of an R&B/soul love song previously done by Oska Tee and Zeppra Safari in the 90’s.

All the songs have been composed, written and arranged by Oska Tee himself and are produced by Oska Tee and various experienced producers from within Africa’s music industry, including his long term producer Harold Loftazz Khoza and others such as Nikie Tjale (SA), Kim Kainja (Uganda), Collen Thulare (SA) and Dj Noza (Zimbabwe). From the 12 tracks on the Unstoppable album each song is different and unique.

The album has been released by the O’Tee productions in December 2020. It is available on iTunes, amazon, google-play, deezer, symphy@Africa, MTN music, and selected shops & Cd stalls around the country and neighboring countries. Oska Tee productions also does direct postage to fans who still prefer hard copies.

Oska Tee continues to work as a manager for Abazi productions, an independent record label. Whennot on tours or rehearsals he’s in Abazi recording studio or office on a daily basis.

For bookings; orders & more information please call or whatsapp: +27 73 130 1620 / +27 65 808 0838.

E-mail: ot.upstage@gmail.com

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