Rytious’s ‘Malambane’ makes global news.

Rytious’s ‘Malambane’ makes global news.

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Hailing from KZN umlazi N section  , Rytious as he is better known by his peer and fans is a travelling soul connecting with the world, sharing stories through his music , some painful and some joyful.

Passionate , persistent and powerful rapstar realised his most anticipated single entitled Malambane featuring his childhood friend BIG CHEEZ .

Its understood Malambane aspired from childhood experience he had growing as friends.
This tells a tale of their struggle then practically  making waves in the industry , paved their way to the top and helps them out of the gutter.

This hit is sitting at number 4 on the Top 15 Australian Music charts , also feature in the A1am Records in the UK which also linked to Los Angeles and New York.
“We also Featured in the 6th floor shown in the UK” he said.

“Malambane back home has been winning on the metro fm battle of the songs show”
“We won for 2 weeks straight” he added.

There is no passion to be found playing small–in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.
Malambane is an amalgamation of south african street music , also takes the old with the new with the same kind of swag and home for the young and old.

Its believed in Rap and Hip Hop, the artists began to talk about material wealth, girls, hustlin’ and what not. 
They started beefs with fellow rappers and just talked about anything and everything which could get them mass attention. However Rytious sings a different tune.

“Firstly there is a difference between beef and the battle,the essence of hip-hop is the battle,where people compete, sharpen their skills,that’s the essence of hip-hop ,people start personal beefs to sell records or to get clout,but for me I would rather sell real music that that everybody can relate to” he concluded.

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