Thami says persistence breaks resistance.

Thami says persistence breaks resistance.

Whether it’s a mental block, a physical obstacle, the loss of a sale, or the fear of the unknown holding you back, take comfort in the fact that every successful entrepreneur and business owner has encountered a similar situation.

Front row on the right: Thami Mofokeng

Thami Mofokeng a Successful Media Entrepreneur and a philanthropist , has dedicated his life to improve communities around the world and is inspiring lots of people who wanted to be self Determined.

Founding member and executive Executive director of Tronic Media Crew productions .
TMCP is a successful production company that help young TV producers, Photographers, Models, artists, actress and also give existing Businesses the opportunity to advertise on TV .

”We are special because we have work ethics , we treat all the people with Justice and Utmost care ”.
”We also inspire creativity and we work with Other productions around the world” He said.

Mofokeng says Covid 19 has actually given  his production company a great responsibility  to ensure that they share the important information to help people to stay safe, also encouraged their artists to use more convenient technology to promote themselves during the pandemic.

TMCP will be hosting their annual camp to be hosted at magaliesburg on the 24 and 25th September .

”To all Entrepreneurs who are on the Journey, I would like to remind you that persistence breaks resistance” he concluded.

If you want make it as a successful entrepreneur ,You have to learn the rules of the game . And then you have to play better than anyone else.

TMCP camping

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This man really knows how to push

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